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That entirely depends on what you think it is lol. In a few weeks I'm coming out with a touched up version if you would like to wait until then before playing thru it.

Just noticed that on your doors sheet the doors are bigger taller than the doors in your tile sheets. 

Will we ever see a Faces pack 2 that has faces for the characters from the other content packs?

It is something that will be done eventually. In an ideal world this will be released for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS in time. I just have to get some problems straightened out behind the scenes first.

Sorry for the long wait on this reply. The narrator's gender is not selectable because of a certain character arc that is in the process of being added into the game.

Asexual, intersex, non-binary, and a few other groups will be getting representation in the next game in the series. I want to make sure that those characters are getting written well and I wanted to wait till I had people working on the project that identify as such so that I could run the script past them.

This game is still being finished. I hope you like the rest of the story as well once it's done. If you like the characters however I suggest you play my other game as well which is a prequel to this one. I just recently finished up that story.

Sorry for the long wait on responding to this. The plan is to have this game out on more platforms as soon as I have the game mostly finished. I just don't want to spend too much time making and uploading each dev version.

This is what happens when I try to fix a page while half asleep. Uploading the correct file now.

This has been fixed in the most recent version of the game. Thank you for mentioning it.

I haven't had the chance to add the option in yet, so I locked off the more troubling stuff for now. It will be there eventually. This devlog was more about how I had chosen to handle a design choice I had been struggling with.

The character will eventually be getting a name, but I am not putting in the option to name the character as a specific design choice. This is because of a major story point that will be later in the game and I just haven't written that far yet. The sprites I can't take credit for. There are some of the default assets that come with the game engine I am using. When the game is finished as far as story goes I am considering starting a Kickstarter for a version of the game that will have all original artwork and hopefully voice overs and with any luck a few more nice features. This version of the game which will contain the same story as the fancier version will always be available for free because I feel that the subject matter and representation shouldn't be gated off because someone has limited money available. With any luck this is a development model for at least my visual novel games that I hope to be able to continue to use.

It's nowhere near complete, but let me know what you think of it so far.

I am doing a visual novel and the story I eventually want to tell is far to long so I am making it one section at a time with each section being developed during a different game jam over the next few months.

The game I'm working on for this game jam is planned to be a much bigger game than what is feasible for my to complete by the deadline. Is it okay for me to get the first chunk done and post that as a sort of demo for the eventual full game? 

Just restarted from scratch a project I've had bouncing around in my heard for a few years now. The base idea is kind of a strange mash up of several ideas from other games that IF I get the mix right should be far greater than the some of its parts. Right now I am working on getting the back end stuff working and ready.

  • 10/30/17 - Today's goal is to get all non-combat animations set up and working at least close to working properly.