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Michelle Olson

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So delightful and polished!!! Great job :D 

!!!!! great work! This is delightful!

This is so cool, and such an incredible way to use the medium and generate such feeling. Nice job :') 

Super cute and super delightful :) 

I love this so much thank you for making this / playing our game omg

I was laughing so hard



Love this - it's calm, delightful, and has a nice little story to it! The music progression is perfect too :D 

Absolutely fantastic - brimming with charm and an incredible ride all the way through <3 DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and play this game and feel so many things at once 

Thank you so much!! :) 

Thank you so much - that means a lot!! It was really important to us to create a beautiful, tranquil space - I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! :') 

Wow, thanks a ton! I really appreciate you taking the time to make a video and to leave such a nice comment :') (Thank you for pointing out the glitch too!)

Thank you so much for playing and taking the time to make a video - it means a lot and was really fun to watch! I really appreciate your kind words - and I'm glad you enjoy magic crystals as much as I do ;) 

Thank you so much for playing and I  really appreciate your feedback! I loved your video - your reactions were delightful :)  Thanks again for taking the time to play and to make a video! 

Wow! Thank you so much for playing - it means a lot!