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while it's nice that we can change display name of a build to indicate what's inside, 
it'd be pretty nice to have a feature where we could write a short description / add some
metadata / write about some issues of the build. 

(I haven't seen sucha a feature for my builds, but if it's there, then this topic can be closed)

The game is a splendid experience that doesn't enforce any time limits, is easy to pickup and made me play it for multiple hours. I absolutely love this and will pay money for it in the coming future - if it gets polished and refined. The UI needs a bit of love, I didn't instantly notice the second tab of buildings, and the "exit" button in pause is confusing - IMHO it should say "quit game" and be marked with red. Also, I've passed the peninsula level, and accidentaly exit the game, and when I opened it up it said "island unlocked" but it stays locked. Anyway, great game, wish you the best with it!  

You can beat the game xD The trick is to drink proper alcohol and give proper alcohol to the girls

Przydałby się instrukcje, co tu się robi. Obecnie nie wiadomo.

Spadłem z mapy i mnie nie zabiło? +przydałby się jakieś instrukcje

Nie byłem w stanie nawet odpakować rara - proszę spróbować jeszcze raz zrobić upload

Miało być gotowe do zagrania EXE, a nie pliki projektu :)

There is a way to win, but it's not as simple as one may think it is ;)