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I'm so tickled that you found this! DragonDePlatino's DawnLike tileset comes with the stipulation that that sprite (I think it's an odd-looking dragon with sunglasses) has to be included somewhere in the game as an Easter egg, so I put it 100 floors down. Nothing else at floor 200 or further, sadly.

Thank you!

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it! As for getting animals out of your inventory, if you wait long enough, they'll eventually get bored and leave on their own. Otherwise, you might be able to chase them out by having a dog in your inventory (some animals are afraid of dogs, and dogs won't take your food).

Strange and lovely is high praise. Thank you!

If you've seen the tomato of victory, I think you're pretty darn good at the game. Thanks for playing!

Hey, thank you so much for the kind words! Yeah, the fact that enemies die when you take all their food is an easy thing to overlook, since it turns out not to be all that necessary for the gameplay sometimes.

Hey, I can't tell you how thrilled I am to read your comment! Thank you so much for the kind words. There's a lot of stuff in the game that I thought might go unnoticed, so I'm really glad to hear you mention some of the things you did.

I absolutely agree about it being strangely light on inventory management for a game that's all about inventory. I grappled with a few different possibilities for letting the player control their own contents a little bit more, like going inside yourself somehow, controlling two characters so each can go inside the other, having more defensive animals (like the dogs that did make it in), etc., but ultimately didn't have time for more than what you see in the current game.

Thanks again for playing! 

This might be my favorite 7DRL entry from this year so far. The theme is so cute, the visual style is beautiful, I love the amount of attention to detail you put into the changing of the seasons, I like the mechanic of the lumberjacks and hunters. The gameplay is so addictive. Amazing job.

Cool stuff. Nice visual style, and I like the kind of oppressive feeling that it gives me, being a lone astronaut and knowing that my goal is just to survive and that every move puts me in danger of starvation. And the despair I felt when I accidentally sold my shovel for 1 credit.

I really like this. Beautiful minimalist ASCII aesthetic, cool theme, and simple rules that lead to some really tense stealth gameplay.