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Rogue Sword: Strategy & Adventure Games

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This should be fixed now. Please let us know if you continue to have trouble.

If you are using Chrome, it's because there was a change to their cookies. We are working on a fix, but till then you'll need to use a different browser.

That's odd. What browser are you using?

Thanks for telling us, Michael. It's fixed now.

That sounds right. You only use the sword bonus for defense when guarding melee attacks.

Thanks, tallman.

These are good points, but not bugs.

Spellcasters cannot be hurt by their own magic. We could have gone either way on that, but we decided against letting spellcaster blow themselves up. :)

When the human guards, he uses the bonus of his sword or shield, whichever is higher. He's getting +12 from his +11 sword bonus, along with the standard +1 for guarding.


We're working on more levels for the characters and more regions for the dungeon.  But you may have to make due with a max of +9 weapons. ;)

Dungeoneers, featured this week in this article, is now on

Dungeoneers is a single-player, turn-based dungeon crawler with classic table-top gameplay.  If you want instant dungeon adventuring, it's worth a look.