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Duncan Corrigan

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It was made specific for the game. There is a short GIF on the gamepage showcasing it a bit. It's a large black box that you stick your arm into to play.

Howdy! I just played this after seeing it's nomination for AMAZE (congrats by the by!) I wasn't sure if this was the best way to reach out to you but I was struck by your design sensibilities as I feel we have some in common. The recognition of the affect striking visual design and voice can have. Switching up the vignettes to keep the experience novel. Also, the playful silly dance moment at the end. Hope this isn't tactless but I'd like to share my own work, I think you might find it interesting.
I hope this does not come across as cynical self promotion, I just thought you might feel similar. In any case, great game!

Thanks for playing! The little bubby looks pretty nifty with all those fine hats. Thanks for making that possible 3:^)

Thanks so much! I played if found earlier in the year and loved it!! Absolutely gorgeous story and game!

Glad you enjoyed it, and yes you’re welcome to stream it!