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Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

Some of those are items I already have on the list to address. In particular fonts, tutorials and UI layout already have tasks on my Trello board.

I already have some ideas on how to improve some of the other items as well, for this release I was mostly focused on getting mechanics working, but I have a lot of work waiting around handling turns and animations (I too find myself wanting to click through text, but the waiting is a workaround for other issues…)

The bomb icon was supposed to be replaced with Blades; it represents the Ultimate skill which I changed between the 0.3 and 0.4 versions. Long term my idea is that you will also unlock new characters who will have unique ultimates. So you can equip different skills and dice (with more equippable sides) but ultimates are tied to character.

Just a heads-up for Mac users, as per the official docs:

For players that are not using the app, you might get reports of your app being “Damaged and can’t be opened” and that it should “be moved to the trash”.

Player who do use the app do not encounter these issues, so you may want to encourage them to use it.