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Recent community posts :)

Thanks :) sadly there is big gameplay flaws in this deadline version because I used update and fixedupdate incorrectly :( If you wanna play a proper balanced (and faster paced lol) version of the game its up on my page

Thanks! Im gonna fix the timing issues and reupload if you wanna play how it was intended :)

Thanks! the spawning and the fire rate were slower here than in the editor cus I didnt fix them with Time.deltaTime like I shouldve
Also thanks I dont know the build types its my first unity project and first time using lol!
The lazers are actual objects so I think I could just make them larger to show shots clearer, some kind of sound effect would be good too

Thanks! Yeah enemies and fire rate were slower than they were in the editor Im a little confused why, I think it has to do with mixed usage of Update and FixedUpdate some of them are on timers not fixed with Time.deltaTime.

Ill upload an updated version that fixes that which should at least make the concept playable :)

Thanks :) Thats a great idea, there is supposed to be very little time between enemies but I think its because I was using update for the counter as opposed to fixedupdate so it is time stretching some timers

Yeah teams of up to 4