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wait, are you a girl?


The movement can easily be fixed, and not aiming was a stylized choice but I get what you're saying. Also I didn't make this very clear due to time constraints but the railgun self charges. thank you for playing

I am attempting to build my game and it is being extremely slow. If I am late what do I do?

Imagine there isn't an issue with that. Can I have a link to the channel so I can watch the stream/video

Idk why not?

Amazing art! I really really like this style and the presentation is good! A more expanded version with more features would be pretty cool!

Hey! I'm currently working on an update for the game and I'll definitely make the hitboxes a little smaller. Matter of fact they are already smaller around the front and back. I'm just chalking this up to me underestimating how hard this game could be to newcomers. i will also be adding some music and I've already begun making a checkpoint so you don't have to sit through the level intros everytime :/

Thank you for your comment and I will definitely incorporate you suggestions! I hope that when I update it you decide to replay it and tell me what you think! (Btw this is only my second ever game jam)

So sorry I was unable to answer your question! No this jam does not have a discord, sorry for any inconveniences!

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Once again, I apologize for having to realise the theme so early. Anyways, the theme is infiltration! I'm really excited to see what you guys come up with! When I get back home on monday I will make sure to play everybody's games on my youtube channel!

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Due to complications I cannot be here to announce the theme. So check on this thread and I will have the theme posted later tomorrow.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with future tracks, characters, etc.  I'm also looking forward to getting almost every world record on this game :P

I love this, the lack of sound is annoying but easily fixed. It's short but sweet, I absolutely can't wait for the full game or an extended demo! Matter of fact I liked it so much I am starting to speed run it! My best time is 3:36, and I will definitely speed run the full game. Can't wait to see what you do with it ;)

Thank you!

This game with an completely open world would make for a great multiplayer game! Look into that because I would love playing this one with the boys

My man. Give me more worlds with different kinds of blocks, sound effects and extra polish. Because dude, if you make a full release and I will pay money for this game!!!!  

I love it! I could really see myself playing an extended version!

Thank you! I agree on the polish I was really on a time crunch and I just had enough time to cobble it all together before the deadline.

Love it!

Give me a full game! I beg you!

Wow, this game has left me in aw. I love this, like at first it seemed complicated when looking at the tutorial. But the humor really pushed me along. I would love to see a full release with saving and sharing as well as just some more blocks and a small touch up on the graphics. I would definitely pay money for that! 

Personally I found my self losing track of time, while making a planet completely taken over be the insects haha. 

Wow thank you! how would you feel about an updated game in the future fixing the controls and making it an standalone file? As well as some other editions?

This game had me playing for almost an hour. Seems complicated at first but all it takes is some playing around and you can understand it pretty easily. I like it!

Oh trust me, I understand being on a time crunch. I do not blame you. Really enjoyed the game tho!

I was into it but I kept on running out of ammo on level three, might I suggest an ammo box?

I loved this FUCKING game.

thank you

JamCraft 5 community · Created a new topic HELP ME PLEASE

I wanted to submit my game I finished it and began uploading at 4:45 and because my computer is slow I was one minute late can somebody please help me out

Sounds awesome! Sorry you're on a time crunch. But, I'll still play it when it comes out!

Well, I'll make sure I check out your game when it comes out

For me it's been going good. For some reason I decided to use an engine I have never touched before this jam, but I feel like I'm doing alright.