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Thanks for playing! And sorry about Pigmeat. She's just hungry :)

Thanks bud :)
It'd be cool to revisit this someday with more time to spend on improving/expanding the gameplay. Just need to find a publisher to foot the bill for my Hideo Kojima-tier music licensing requirements for a full release lmao

excellent observation, floppinha

Thanks again for playing - we knew it'd take a lot of patience to fully experience this game for anyone compelled to dig into it. Even with some of the quality of life improvements you suggested, it'd still be quite a lot of reading and puzzling so your efforts are appreciated!

It's a unique title, and we'd love to revisit it some day in the form of a spiritual successor if not a direct sequel.

I think there's still a lot of potential in the realm of stories-happening-inside-computers-inside-your-computer. I do have a couple of other recommendations for those, if you're interested:

- Location Withheld, by Bryce Bucher

- DEAD LETTER DEPT., by Mike Monroe/Belief Engine

This is really cool! Sending volley after volley of upgraded lock-on missiles is so much fun.


There are some other scenes throughout that may be tense, but that is the only big, dumb, and loud one! Sorry.

Also, if you come across anything that has you stuck feel free to contact me for hints. We also set up a sub when the game was released that may be helpful:

Thank you for checking out our game!

I think you might be the first person to notice that - It's not a bug or anything, I actually just had to cut the video from the project due to time constraints and file size limitations; fwiw, the video wasn't related to the story in any way and may have even been a little bit confusing or out of place if I'd kept it in...

Thanks for playing by the way!

I haven't actually played Iron Lung yet, but I plan to soon :V

It's funny you mention it though, because I *did* have Squirrel Stapler on my mind while I worked on this - big fan of David Szymanski's work. Thanks for playing my game!

Absolutely! It's hard to translate any part of a 700 page book where some of the pages are upside down into a game, but it was definitely in my mind as I worked on this :)


Thanks for checking it out!

it's like one of those bad dreams where you feel like you're running underwater or can't stop spinning in circles or are wearing someone else's flesh like a suit and flopping around on the floor looking for a knife to use on your next victim

Oh yeah, you may have seen a similar "ghost in the border" in a game by corpsepile, as he's my uncle! We tend to work with some similar ideas!

Thank you so much for checking it out. Seriously, I'm always eager to find out what other devs think of what I'm making, especially when I enjoy their work like I enjoy yours!

Thanks for playing my game! I tried to have it make *some* kind of sense, even if it was made on a tight schedule and wouldn't easily become a very fleshed out narrative. Glad it ended up being enjoyable.

I have a soft spot for murderous trees. Also love seeing standalone GZDoom projects out in the wild :)

I'm doomed, I just love clicking the wrong thing on purpose TOO MUCH and have earned this girl's ire.

I love your willingness to just obliterate conventions to make something cool and fresh. The stereo audio approach works well, and the cell phone's sound design is on point. Definitely appreciated the glowing pink line's help navigating BLUTCLUB, too.

This was an enjoyable experience! I think it deserves a lot more attention than it's gotten so far in this comment section.

This game has a clear visual style that reminds me a little bit of the mixed media approach that I've seen in Spookware; it's really fun and fresh-looking.

The story is also tight and very intentionally laid out. It feels like it was well-planned before work started and everything falls into place nicely. Good stuff :)

This is a cool experience! Played on an Xbox controller, so the on-screen button icons helped a lot in addition to just looking cool. I really liked being able to switch views on demand too, it felt like a DS feature Nintendo would've played up at the time.

This place felt very desolate and truly abandoned, so feel like I may have done the right thing in the end by [REDACTED]

Thanks for the feedback! Gonna look into how I had UI scaling set up for this project and see, but I have a feeling I forgot other aspect ratios exist and might have even bungled auto wrap or font scaling too. Glad you enjoyed this game.

Just in time, as I'd almost completely forgotten what it's like to be a baby. Seems to get everything right!

This game was worth playing for the mood and visuals alone, but I also ended up really liking the way the gameplay works! I have a pretty bad brain though so I had a hard time memorizing which specific places to avoid and had to try a few times, but it's an overall cool spooky experience

Hey, thanks for checking it out! I think I need to review that segment for issues with triggered events not going off properly, also I'd like to revise my waypoint system in the future (I noticed a little too late that the detection radius for them is kind of small, so it's possible to have the marker spin around behind the player before it gets removed, which is confusing to look at). I considered a visible hologram-type marker that floats near the waypoint's location in world space, but wasn't able to add it in time for the deadline, especially because I'd want to find a way to sell it as part of the ship's onboard HUD.

Thanks again for the input!

I really dig these visuals, your command of what makes a scene feel convincingly "deep underwater" is enviable!

getting increasingly anxious as the aliens inch closer to an understanding of the concept of "fishing"

This has a nice progression to it. I also kind of spent a long time just flipping the pages around in the book - was wondering how exactly you pulled off the effect because it's really cool! I did, uh, kind of end up stuck OOB on one run because I jumped off the bridge under the lake like a dummy

Though I fish in the valley of death, I shall fear no evil

for I am far worse

This was cool! I had a fun time diving beyond my craft's maximum depth allowance.

A playable analog horror tape is a really cool idea! I could easily see this being a popular way to have a series of them play out. I especially liked how the depth and interactivity really started... At the end :)

u lil scamp, you've got me opening a bunch of tabs and everything

I love the diegetic UI stuff. Interacting with everything in-world really heightens presence. Also the forced aspect ratio is claustro as all hell, to the game's benefit since it takes place in a tiny sub.  I felt like I spent a little too long holding W and watching coordinates change instead of paying attention to the window since there was often no point of reference outside, but that disorientation is also definitely important to the overall experience so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Overall it's really good

Be sure to post your project ideas here if you haven't in discord already so I can steal one of them :thumbsup:


I love this scenario! Being subjected to Simon Says in that context was hilarious and I liked the addition of having to multitask instead of tunnel-visioning on each puzzle.

Thanks! I just wrote up a post with details regarding the sources of the various BGM tracks used in the game here.

There's a healthy amount of absurdity in this game. The buildup is good, but what the buildup leads to is even better. Cathartic ending.

The voice acting in this game REALLY shines. Also, the game got infinitely more terrifying when I figured out what was going on. Seriously great work.

I got pinched by a crabman and sought revenge. I really liked the boss fights and overall execution of this one! Good stuff.

This turned out great! All of the visuals are top-notch. It's reminiscent of playing something like a community HD patch for a beloved retro game, now in high resolution with pretty new effects and textures but the same familiar gameplay. Highly recommended.