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The heck do I do

left-click on the icon in the app and say show in finder (explorer on windows), then go into the appropriate folder and run.


If the app does not work, then left click on the icon of my game in the itch app and say show in explorer then run from there.

Go into stats then reset stats

Try it in the app. If that does not work, left-click on the icon in the app and say show in finder, then go into the appropriate folder and run.

I think it is too late use the itch app


Oh okay

Read the title.

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I can, but I am pending. Also, I am okay at sound effects.

hmmm,, okay

Wow that was really cool

Hi I like your game I have been making games for 1 month and you have for 3 months probably but I am nowhere near your proficiency and skill. This is a smooth game. I am playing on Mac with wine, but for some reason the mouse flys around the screen, even though turned the mouse sensitivity to 1. Kinda sluggish. But reaaaaaly good game.

yes you can. it is compatible with Wii. Like, the steering wheel.

Love this game so much.

It looks like Bathills does. In his Christmas valley.

That is because you probably opened goose on itch then goose in you finder.

I really want this for mac.

SO good!

Aw, so sad. It's really simple once you beat it.

Yea how??

Yea how??

doesn't work

Make this for Mac please

Umm can this be for Mac?