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It's a total shame some of us fall for those characters that aren't part of the protagonist's love interests. I really like Siegfried, that sickly reaver is my favorite character so far, and the second one is Santana. Yeah, he's rather violent and a little bit of a jerk...But it's still a good dude! So, I'm kinda disappointed that they aren't valid options in the protagonist's love interests. But, heh, we can write Fan Fictions, right? Maybe I'll write one about Siegfried. 

It could be nice to be able to play it windowed, because some of us have smol screens 

Thank you so much for making this game! It's really good, and the music is so cool. Especially "Danger Approaches", on my 

Can you someday make a Linux er? 

Where should I credit 

Da fuck 

Este proyecto parece ser muy prometedor, me ha gustado mucho! Espero que no lo abandonen como le paso a Breeding Season en