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Hello, just heard about this Jam and I'm looking to join a team.

I'm a programmer who mostly has experience in Unity and C#, though I have some experience in Unreal, C++ and Blueprinting

If anyone's looking for a programmer for their team, then let me know! I'm happy to help!

Hey there, just joined the jam and was wondering if there was anyone still looking for a programmer?

I mostly have experience in Unity and C#, though I know tidbits about Unreal Engine, C++ and Blueprinting as well, and I'm eager to learn more!

Let me know if you'd like me on board!

I really enjoyed the game, and it held a sort of comedic twist depending on what presents the player chose. However, it was kind of difficult to understand at first, but it was still great overall

I really enjoyed the overall design of the game's visuals. The isometric style; in combination with the simplistic style of the in-game objects made elements of the game really stand out. I like how the game forces the player to be strategic with their placement of structures depending on the benefits of setting them up near specific places or whether they in range of the candy cane.  Overall, this was a really great game!

I felt that this game was very enjoyable, and had a great artstyle and gameplay mechanic, and had great sound effects too!