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This game graphic style is really beautiful, it looks like a Chrsitmas postcard brought to life

I don't know which language and engine you are using, but for a 32 grid size wouldn't it be x=32*round(x/32) and y=32*round(y/32). Or you can use floor() instead of round() to always round up below. That's what I usually do

Sadly I couldn't go very far in this game, which is a shame because I am sure that there were many cool features yet to see above. My screen has really bad contrast at darker colors, the candle light is too small and the candle can get you stuck, so I was playing blind by memorizing platform positions which isn't all that fun, specially when the obstacles instantly send you back to the start and when the knight might get randomly stuck. Maybe the knight should carry a candle with him as default which you can throw at the direction you are going?

Cool idea for a puzzle game, it could become a really solid game with some improvements. I am just wondering if some stuff is intentional or not, like being able to solve a puzzle without lighting all potions at the same time or reflecting through the mirror backwards like a prism. Also, I think it would benefit if the pieces snapped neatly into a grid

"Lunar beam","Lunar beam","Lunar beam".

"Radiant burst","Radiant burst","Radiant burst".

I love how you just shouted the two abilities. That being said, I think it would be great if each power had its own advantage, in the end I was just using the burst.

Cool idea, but I find the dash a bit disorienting for a first person 3d platformer. Maybe reduce the distance of the dash but allow for multiple smaller dashes in a row? Really nice background music by the way

This seems like an early prototype to me. Maybe if you add a jump button, make it a little easier to dodge the crossfire and spawn a few coins to encourage you to move around it could turn into something interesting.

Thanks! But if you don't mind, do you think that the later levels right before the boss still have that difficulty issue or are only the starting levels that need more challenge from the get go?

It's fine I understand, maybe in the next jams I'll look into how to make the games mac accessible

The game is fun but it gets laggy when there are too many instances of the wolves. Maybe despawn smaller faraway enemies, or enemies that have flocked into a huge pack. It would also be nice if the upgrades happened only at certain locations on the map that you could go to if you had enough xp, it would interrupt the game less. But otherwise you did a good job on this one.

If I didn't know the theme, I wouldn't think that the white dots were moons. Maybe if you were to draw moon sprites and add a starry background it would have been a bit more visually striking, I guess

It's a pretty cool idea to make puzzle platformer with the jam theme, I wish it had been a bit longer because some of the mechanics had a lot of potential. I understand that you tried to make each screen very unique, but I think you could have squeezed out more of the mechanics that you already had implemented. Also, I like the greek mythology inspirations in the plot. Finally, just a minor suggestion: objects that appear in pale blue during the night could be pink/orange during the day. It would still fit well with the black and white aesthetic but it would convey better what object does what.

Thanks! I'll be sure to check your game as well and leave a comment!

Very interesting idea, I wish you had taken it further. Maybe you could use the mouse for aiming the mirror and use the 2 buttons for switching between two colors of light, allowing for more complex puzzles. Also please check out my game if you can.

Simple, but pretty fun. My only gripe is that rng can punish you by spawning next to enemies or creating a one way alley with enemies at the exit.

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, I wish I had more time to add features and polish. I am pretty sure I have already tried and rated your game, it's the one with the alien holding a moon, right?

It's more of a story than a game, but damn me if the art and the sound design aren't absolutely amazing.  Also, please check my game if you can.

Everyone else isn't really wrong, it's a bit hard to play the intended way, reacting in time and aiming at falling rocks/meteors. But it is very easy to cheese it by just aiming in the general direction above you and spam clicking the shoot button. I don't think taking energy to fire would solve the issue by itself unless you combined it with some other change. Maybe if the rocks don't fall but come from the background and get really huge as they become closer to the screen then it would make aiming easy and encourage players to aim and shoot instead of dodging/spamming.

By the way, if you can please check out the game I submitted. Have a great day too!

The gameplay mechanic is novel and the black and white aesthetic is pretty interesting, but I think it can be a bit confusing at first.

The graphics look really stunning and the alien arm with the moon is really cool, but sadly I get the message that video memory has been exhausted in my potato laptop.  I would make the invisible walkways a big larger since it is in first person and you don't really see the exact spot where you step.

I think the world gets dark too fast at the beginning, before you even understand what is going on. Also, it is a bit easier to just spam bullets instead of using the light to see and aim at the meteors. But I do like the sound design

This game doesn't feel like it belongs in the jam other than the two dice acting as decoration, unless they do something that I didn't get. It's just a standard 2-player shooter and I don't even know if player two can move. Also please use WASD if you have to use the mouse

Pretty underrated game, honestly.  The puzzle mechanic is pretty interesting and I like the playable END

Yeah, that idea would certainly make it easier to start up and also to teach the base mechanics. I wish I had more time to work on that stuff but it is what it is

I like the minimalistic look on this

You guys made this for a single punchline and I can respect that. But the thumbnail kinda gives it away

Pretty hilarious game, not gonna lie

Thanks for the feedback! The game is about keeping the dice on squares that match the top of the dice, but I guess it should have been more clear

I find the platforming a bit too hard, but if your giftee requested it like that then it's all good. I would only allow for better vision on the second level, since you don't get to see the next platform. Nice work on the cutscene, though

Interesting idea and nice 3d environment but the camera and controls feel a bit wonky

Thanks for checking my game! Unfortunately the video is a bit long and I couldn't watch the whole thing, but it was pretty interesting to see an actual playthrough of my game. Good luck with your channel

The more you play the more you understand the audience reactions

Walking through the house was scarier than the ending, not gonna lie

That happens to my own games made on gamemaker. Marked as a virus by the exact PC where it was made

Best game I have tried so far in this jam, I wish it had more levels! My only real gripe is that there is no undo button, because it's easy to screw up and get stuck out of carelessness

This game really needed a tutorial because it took me some time to figure out what to do. It was also a bit hard. But I do like the zelda-esque theme

Fun idea and nice arts and music, but the gameplay still feels a bit unfinished. It's understandable due to the limited time, but good job either way!

I really like the art, but I can't handle the controls very well.