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I find the platforming a bit too hard, but if your giftee requested it like that then it's all good. I would only allow for better vision on the second level, since you don't get to see the next platform. Nice work on the cutscene, though

Interesting idea and nice 3d environment but the camera and controls feel a bit wonky

Thanks for checking my game! Unfortunately the video is a bit long and I couldn't watch the whole thing, but it was pretty interesting to see an actual playthrough of my game. Good luck with your channel

The more you play the more you understand the audience reactions

Walking through the house was scarier than the ending, not gonna lie

That happens to my own games made on gamemaker. Marked as a virus by the exact PC where it was made

Best game I have tried so far in this jam, I wish it had more levels! My only real gripe is that there is no undo button, because it's easy to screw up and get stuck out of carelessness

This game really needed a tutorial because it took me some time to figure out what to do. It was also a bit hard. But I do like the zelda-esque theme

Fun idea and nice arts and music, but the gameplay still feels a bit unfinished. It's understandable due to the limited time, but good job either way!

I really like the art, but I can't handle the controls very well. 

This game surely was very polished! Nice

Very interesting idea, but the game feels a bit too unfinished at this point. The background is unclear and the tutorial is hard to understand and easy to get stuck

Really nice character sprite and a fun concept, although the physics is a bit glitchy



Thanks! I noticed the double rock thing but didn't had the time to fix it. I will take a look on the floor thing

Very fun concept and the doodles and the sounds are surprisingly charming. But I had to run it on firefox because on Chrome I can't drag the flower.

Sometimes the ball ignores the created platform, maybe add an intermediate collision check

Yeah, but even double jump + midair dash won't make you reach that

Please remember to spell check your game. Also,  the choices and the endings don't make sense at all.

Go to your dashboard and then select *edit for the specific game page you want to change. That being said, the jam moderators might block you from reuploading a file after the time limit, so if the path I gave doesn't work maybe try contacting the mods


Great game! A bit off-topic for the jam, though, despite the multiplier mechanic

The arrows need more contrast with the background and the text color could use some work, but the concept is good

The game is fun and simple, but I am not sure if it fits the jam just because you need to get hit to get bullets

Am I dumb or is there anything else other than the table, the red machine and the laser?

Stunning visuals and great sound! The concept for the jam is fine, but it would benefit if the game was a bit slower (I'm having a hard time dodging the boosters and rely on luck) and also if it didn't reward banging against the wall because it's too easy to hit it and way too rewarding, maybe the wall should make you bounce but not stop you

The ideas are there, but the controls are a bit slippery and sometimes the character jumps really high up into the air. Since platformer is a common game genre for jams, you could take some time out of the jams to make a robust  platformer that you can adapt for jams. Good luck!

Thanks! I'll check your game too

Thanks! I'll be sure to check your game

Thanks for the feedback! I wish I had more time to have a proper tutorial, there are many controls that are probably not very intuitive. Unfortunately, the physics engine consumed too much time.

Seems interesting, but when I reach the "Double click to edit" I can't really do anything. I tried it on Chrome and Firefox.

Interesting concept, it's not often that we see a typing game

You really captured well Link's Awakening visual style

Very fun concept, but that water part was hard to figure out

Very stressful, but in a good way. It emulates how crazy a nurse shift can be.  Of the few games in this jam that I have tried so far, this was the most fun.

Nice artstyle and music! But I wish that there was a downside to always talking first