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this because python is marked as virus sometimes 💀💀💀

не впевнений, але думаю - так. там написано у правилах, що можна використовувати будь-які ассети, але з посиланням на оригінал, якщо я не помиляюсь. 

дуже чудова гра

самая лучшая из всех твоих игнр

одним словом топ но жаль что на юнити 🤭🤭🤭

i stack at level 4. game is cool. graphics is amazing espacily for sdl and cpp. good job!

wow plant vs zombies 3! btw the game is very hard. i would speed up mp.

nice game. i like main mechanics. by this you should plan your moves

ёлы палы

python is very short and simple. making games on it (at least for me) doesnt take much time. i think you can do this. good luck!

same. i have amazing idea that sounds interesting but limitation could break it. btw prev time before limitation announced i was thinking about flappybird but you are placing pipes and birds come here and you need to protect from birds. 

игра для настоящих пацанов

i think python


and reply

waiting for bug fix 🗿🗿🗿

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changed json file btw nice new picture of game btw you forgor 💀 to turn on something in game and now i cant die 😎😎😎(ez 1000 score)


btw new atacks are cool i liked it.

ohhh lmao ik why its didnt work. you forgor assets lmao. uploading only main.exe wont work. zip it together with other assets that game includes lmao




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i think its imposssiblre unless i install 32bit everything (python and it's stuff). im building its only by this: pyinstaller -F -w -i icon.ico

maybe i could install 32bit os on VM etc but not now

аа ясно

im pro 😎😎😎 0 is my best try to beat me n00bz 😎😎😎

i know what you used for making this music : )


wow interesting game. nice art style. really liked the animations (espacially of camera movemoment).

great work! 👍👍

good game, btw you can just use pygame.transform.flip(surf, xbool , ybool) instead of flipping image as file xd

cool art

very interesting idea. cool art

you have no to worry about. 😁this game is hard for everyone. 

у меня только один раз нормально словило а потом писало постоянно Falied to catch (20%), а так норм. кстати очень крутая рисовка

cool. art are cool

good game (i flyed to the end.) art is good 👍

cool game

(1 edit)

the most funny game! really liked it! these gooses are fun (i never got 12 eggs tho)

EDIT: hurrah i finnaly passed this game. nice ending 

its on python and pygame so it can have webgl buidl 

nice game! really liked it. nice concept