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looks creepy but it actually works 👍👍👍

damn bro the game's desine is amazing thought sometimes the generation looks absurd the game itself still manages to be the chill game with amazin atmosphere

Дякую за відгук! Про негативну їжу думав але все-таки рішив не додавати, бо хотів зробити гру якнайлегшою (хотів щоб нечисленні люди завантаживші гру могли дойти до боса)

no having time for game development :(

the game is amazing! full review: 

1. unfortunatelly didnt start. seems like you forgot to put the and probably saver.

2. the menu and interface overall is incredible. i was suprised how good it is.

3. gameplay is good too, even tho i needed a couple of minutes to understand where to go. and the second wave zombies are a bit too strong. as i am a noob who just downloaded a game i expect some easy wins to get interested into the game. just do some balance changes 😁

4. and the graphics is just fabulous im amazed it was made in pygame keep it up

ned ja livnul XDXDXD

fr fr 😒😒😒

this because python is marked as virus sometimes 💀💀💀

не впевнений, але думаю - так. там написано у правилах, що можна використовувати будь-які ассети, але з посиланням на оригінал, якщо я не помиляюсь. 

дуже чудова гра

самая лучшая из всех твоих игнр

одним словом топ но жаль что на юнити 🤭🤭🤭

i stack at level 4. game is cool. graphics is amazing espacily for sdl and cpp. good job!

wow plant vs zombies 3! btw the game is very hard. i would speed up mp.

nice game. i like main mechanics. by this you should plan your moves

ёлы палы

python is very short and simple. making games on it (at least for me) doesnt take much time. i think you can do this. good luck!

same. i have amazing idea that sounds interesting but limitation could break it. btw prev time before limitation announced i was thinking about flappybird but you are placing pipes and birds come here and you need to protect from birds. 

игра для настоящих пацанов

i think python


and reply

waiting for bug fix 🗿🗿🗿

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changed json file btw nice new picture of game btw you forgor 💀 to turn on something in game and now i cant die 😎😎😎(ez 1000 score)


btw new atacks are cool i liked it.

ohhh lmao ik why its didnt work. you forgor assets lmao. uploading only main.exe wont work. zip it together with other assets that game includes lmao




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i think its imposssiblre unless i install 32bit everything (python and it's stuff). im building its only by this: pyinstaller -F -w -i icon.ico

maybe i could install 32bit os on VM etc but not now

аа ясно

im pro 😎😎😎 0 is my best try to beat me n00bz 😎😎😎

i know what you used for making this music : )


wow interesting game. nice art style. really liked the animations (espacially of camera movemoment).

great work! 👍👍

good game, btw you can just use pygame.transform.flip(surf, xbool , ybool) instead of flipping image as file xd

cool art

very interesting idea. cool art

you have no to worry about. 😁this game is hard for everyone.