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Love it. Just a shame I haven't played the previous 5 games

It's meant for 18 and over due to some of the content / language

I remember you from my campaign! Thank you for continued support.

The full game will be paid, we are currently planning to crowd fund in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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Hey! Really glad you enjoyed the demo, thank you for your kind words. The game is planned for release some time next year, follow this page and we'll keep you updated anyway!

Aha, that would be why! Can't wait for the final version, do you have an ETA?

Looks and feels great. Headbob is a bit excessive but no biggie. Really love the camera effect / filter. Stuck now as I don't know what the lock code is and I've tried all sorts of stuff I've found on the back of photos and documents...any hints?

Thanks - I'm actually your newest Patron and I used that link :)

Looks good but constantly fails to download. Is there anywhere else I can this?

Thank you for your comment! As far as I am aware the first patch fixed any bugs, no-one else has come back to me with anything. It's a very short demo, really just to get a feel of the game play.

If anyone wants to leave feedback about the actual demo and if they have any improvment ideas etc. please feel free to comment here. It will help me in my development process and I want to be able to provide a quality product so consumer feedback is vital to me. Thank you and enjoy the demo!

It sure is interesting.

Hm, sorry if I'm being dumb here but it looks like the entries already use Left mouse click as the primary button? would they be classed as one button games since you'd need to move the mouse to determine where to click?

OK, so essentially, mouse button clicks are not really practical, as the chances of your hand staying perfectly still are pretty much nil! I guess I'll come up with another idea.

Can a mouse click be considered "one button" even if you have to move the mouse to different sections of the game area? For example, say if a mouse click controlled a sprite that moved to where you clicked and automatically did "something" at that click point? Or would that be considered mouse click AND mouse movement?