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Awesome! I am glad you like it!

Thank you very much for awesome let's play!

Thank you very much for playing!

Thank you very much ! I hope you enjoyed playing!

You are welcome :)

Truly amazing work! I felt strong almost lovecraftian atmosphere. I need to return to this one since i did found only one secret.

Hi. Thanks for this amazing tool. I believe most people don't encounter this, but if you keep creating dialogs fast enough, you will get this :

Problem is on line var letter = text_node.clean_text[v-1] Just wanted to mention it :D

I have question mostly for people who are using it for some time. I am currently working on fps adventure. There will be no other actors except for player. You know. Layers of fear type of stuff. Just text when using objects. I know this software is probably overkill for that but i am still thinking about purchasing with that godot addon mostly because multilanguage support. So my questions are : 1. How fast i can import this to existing godot project? 2: I plan to outsource translators. Do they need fiddle with json or it is there better way to do it? 

Cannot read property 'length' of null error :( Just before game even starts

Yess... You can count me in when i got next paycheck :D I will buy everything what you got there :D

I am thinking about buying this one. But i have one question :D How hard / easy is customise dialog box? It works like classic 9-cut thingy? :D

I still want to buy that other one just because i can write bad review :D

Hi, i am not sure if you know this... But it looks like somebody completely stole your idea

Totally amazing experience Mr. Airdorf! Totally love it! (and no, i am not just chinese bot hired for praising, i just love all his games)

Darn... Stil no linux version :D Who even uses mac for playing? :D

Sweeet! Can't wait for release :3 !

Hi! I am running on Manjaro Linux (arch based). And i have really sloppy sounds. And after i click on new game, i got this error. I hope you can fix it. 

Here is my hw info.

Processor2x Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B970 @ 2.30GHz
Memory3940MB (2489MB used)
Graphics NVIDIA Corporation GF108M [GeForce GT 620M/630M/635M/640M LE]
Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller


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Bought for future use! Even though linux version does not work for me. (Zorin OS) It  starts but when i try to import images, whole system stops working properly. It is not frozen, but mouse cursor get "stuck" on hand sprite and when i click on any window, it won't react.

Also, i have this error in terminal (even though that can be problem on my side)

LaunchProcess: failed to execvp:
[3889:3889:0323/] Bad NaCl helper startup ack (0 bytes)
[3886:3904:0323/] Failed to open NaCl IRT file "/home/druid/Stažené/linux64/nacl_irt_x86_64.nexe": -4

EDIT: Sorry i am idiot, keyboard works fine so system freezing solved.


So, i still don't know what game this will be. For now, i have just name and i setted up basic shader. Also, i ghought it will be nice if i made it so much dos-like as possible. And that means :


As you can see on screen, i tried to make more video modes, so player can choose his favourite palette. Here is image of title screen with all video modes.

CGA 0 - Dark

CGA 0 - Light

CGA 1 - Dark

CGA 1 - Light

Only thing which i know, i make it dark :D So, thanks for reading! And be ready for next devlog soon!