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Not yet. I'm confident there will be a Mac version for 0.3.4

Well, there could be many types of strength. Economic strength, military strength, etc. For every dimension a nation could evolve in, there will nations that will do better than others. At some point I'll create some kind of stat visualization that you'll be able to use to compare countries.

In regard to calendars, I wanted to let cultures come up with their own calendars with different starting points, and different sets of months and days. Like on Earth we have/had different calendars, Roman, Hebrew, Julian, Gregorian, Mayan, Imperial Japanese, etc. But it is a niche feature that involves quite a bit of work. I'll probably leave it as a community choice feature that will have to be voted in.

First, you need to copy your image to the "Heightmaps" folder within your installation of "Worlds". Then, inside the game, on the "Generate New World" dialog, check the "Use Heightmap Image for Terrain". This will open an image preview and a button to load an image file. Click the "Select" button to open a file selection dialog. From there you can choose the image file you copied to the heightmaps folder. Click the "Load" button to return the the World Generation dialog. If your image is valid, a preview of it should appear on the small image preview window. Then you can click on the Generate button to generate a world using the image.

I recommend that the images are grayscale so that they map correctly into terrain. Lighter colors will turn into high terrain. Darker colors will turn into low terrain. To be certain you get the sea level right, make sure that the areas that are supposed to be above sea level have a greyscale value higher than 0.5 (assuming perfect white is 1.0 and perfect black is 0.0).

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My hope is that with the inclusion of more politics-related mechanics like government changes, successions, and wars, polities will appear and disappear more quickly. Also, many of the events that currently occur in the game are tailored to happen less frequently than they would occur in real life. The reason being that increasing their frequency would actually slow down the game. But that's something temporary and it will moddable eventually. So you'll be able to adjust how frequently polity-shaking events happen.

Well, it all depends on the power of the simulation. Exponential growth is just a result of its underlying behavior. In some worlds, the population grows exponentially while in others it stagnates. Knowledge should also grow exponentially, but I did put a limiting factor on knowledge growth that is based on what discoveries become available. The more discoveries are made, the farther this limit expands. So, if the population stops making discoveries, knowledge growth eventually stagnates.

One thing to note is that the passage of time slow downs as more and more things start to happen in the world. So it might seem that growth slow downs and becomes linear.

There's an export function (in options) in the game that will convert a map into an image. But I haven't made it so that it export greyscale heightmaps directly. It's on my list of ToDos.

Yep! By version 0.3.7 they will

Thanks, I got them!

Don't worry, I'll try to keep improving performance little by little. But I can't leave other features behind. So be patient.

Saving is very slow, specially with very long lived worlds, since there's much data to save. So you'll have to wait more than a few minutes. I will make a priority to improve saving time in the next release. My hope is to cut saving time to just a few seconds on each save.

At some point in the long future yes, hehe. Though first I want to make this into a more playable game instead of just a very limited sandbox.

Thank you!

Wow! Are you running the game on the "unlimited" speed setting? "Unlimited" should be running as fast as the simulation can possibly go (you can enable the "debug" mode from the settings and see how many years are getting simulated per second and compare with your friends). There's no way to make it run faster without some heavy re-coding/re-implementation.

The thing is, the simulation is single threaded. If your CPU has multiple cores it will only use one of them no matter what. I have plans to do some multi-core optimizations and even use the burst compiler to make things even faster. But that's a long term plan. In any case. I think the next version might run even faster thanks to some Unity3D engine optimizations. But since I added a bunch of new stuff that will actually make the simulation more resource hungry, I think things will balance out and run more or less at the same speed as before. Hope you can give me another performance report once the new version comes out!

Hi, Could you send the save file (or a couple of them) as an attachment to the email address on the screenshot? 

It might help if you unzip the game to a completely new folder. Also, make sure you have enough disk space. The saves files can grow quite a bit.

You should try finding my old squarespace blog and post on my first blog entry ever :P

Yup! :D

That's weird, the minimum supported size is 400x200. Can you share the map you made? you can send it to me as an attachment to drtardigrade2020 (at)

More or less, yes. A powerful polity will be able to impose its will upon weaker polities through military or economic means, and force them to ally with them, share resources, or even replace their government. Though I'm still not sure how all of this is going to work. Hopefully I'll be able to touch on that before the release of version 0.4

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Hey all,

I just wanted to share the link to a Discord someone on Reddit made for the game. It's not official but I guess there's no harm in sharing it here for all of you who would like to be part of it.

Here's it:

Sorry. there are no current plans for a mobile version. I think the game is too resource hungry to run on mobile. But that doesn't mean it will never happen. It is not just a priority right now.

It's not planned, but I might give a try to porting the game to mobile at some point in the future.

Yeah I love Galimulator! It's a very amazing game.
Technologies (or rather, discoveries) can be forgotten. For example, if you observe how discoveries spread using the discovery overlay, you'll notice that landlocked human groups that had the shipbuilding knowledge begin to lose it over time (though it takes quite some time). To hold a discovery, a groups must actively use it (or rather, use the knowledge associated with that discovery)

General revolts will be a thing and they could happen for many reasons. Though that feature is still far away. Toward 0.4 I'll be adding basic conflicts and slightly more advanced forms of governments (chiefdoms and kingdoms), which are going to be the base for many other things to come.

More or less. I plan to add modding support for a lot of things. But it will take some time. In the following release there will be limited modding support for adding biomes and discoveries. You can find out more in the previous devlogs!

On the "Generate new world" dialog, check the box to use a custom heightmap, then click the 'select' button. It will open a file selection dialog. If you haven't added any heightmaps, then the only one should be the Earth heightmap: "CompositeEarth_3600x1800.png". Click "Load" to close the dialog. The Earth map should appear in the generate world dialog. You can now click "Generate" to generate a new world using the Earth map. Note that the import process is not perfect and you will need to edit the map to make it look like the actual Earth.

No worries!

Around mid-November. Stay strong!

Not within a week (more like a month), but soon...

Yes, there will be a Mac (and Linux) version at some point. I don't want to make promises but it's possible there will be a Mac version for 0.3.4 next year.

I would suggest re-downloading and  unzipping the game to a completely different folder and try again. I suspect you might have corrupted your original install and that folder might no longer be usable.

That's weird. Is your Windows 10 version 64bit? Also, make sure both the .exe and unityplayer.dll files are unblocked (right-click on them and mark the unblock checkbox on both of them)

Yeah, I used to play EU4 a lot, and I would always try to go for the alternate history scenario. I find it kind of boring just trying to recreate the historical path for most nations. Although I appreciate the restrictions they inserted to prevent wild a-historicity. What I didn't like though is that most of those limitations are quite arbitrary. I really hated the tech cost multipliers previously assigned to culture groups. They improved greatly on this with the addition of Institutions, but still I found it a bit nonsensical that some institutions like the renaissance could only start on the Italian states for example... why? I don't see any reason it couldn't have happened in the far east first. But, oh well. Still love the game though.

This is answered in the FAQ. Some of the basics of war will be implemented for 0.3.4, like tribal aggression and inter-tribal conflict. But I need to add more framework mechanics for wars to be meaningful.

I have plans to do a port eventually. Stay tuned!


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Well, when I first started this project I wanted it to be the most accurate world history simulation ever. Since then I have tempered my expectations quite a bit. I still want the game to be accurate but within reason. Yet, more than being realistic, I want things to be sensible. That is, what happens within the game has to make some sort of sense and be the logical consequence of past events. I want to remove the game-y aspect of typical 4x or Grand Strategy games where the main focus is on streamlined and balanced gameplay... This is a simulation/sandbox game, not a strategy or competitive one. As I mentioned before, there will be no tech trees nor min-maxing of techs and units. Also, there will be no cheap imitation of real history; There will be no real historical figures, cities, wonders, nor weird mix-and-match combinations of these. No Aztecs building the Hanging Gardens or the Taj Majal, nor Japan founding Christianity or giving birth to Shakespeare. I want civilizations and cultures to evolve organically even if not being entirely realistic, and create their own unique wonders, giving birth to their own heroes, and founding original religions.

Sorry for the soapboxing. Hope this rant makes sense.

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Awesome to hear your game is fine!

As much as I would like to. Both things fall beyond the scope of the game. But who knows. The game has gone beyond from it's original scope already a little bit.

Also, your English is good!

Just for clarification, I hid the post to make the conversation semi-private. But it would be better if you contact me through email. Thanks!

Hey Pengin, hope you can read this reply. I'm interested  in your offer. Please contact me at drtardigrade2020 (at)