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Dr Otter 3000

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Loved that little game.

Cute game. Like the assets. Small bug. If you are on ceiling and keep spacebar pressed, you can slide on ceiling. Yes, but had fun.

Thank you, but there is more to do. But stay tuned. Update will come this month.

Damn, I think I have to fix it. :) Wait for Version 0.2.0 

Nice Idea. Like this desktop environment.

Thanks for your feedback. I will cange this, as soon I am back from hostipital. :)

Thanks... The fluffy yellow dog also said, it was still scary for him to play.

Just don't get caught by the boykisser... otherwise you could find out... you love kissing boys, don't you? ;)

Nice, played now.

Sadly the Linux version crashes after the tutorial.

:D funny game. Funny, that there is a Windows Version. How are many downloads are there for Linux and Windows?

Hey, I thin the Problem with the A* could be solved by a NavigationObstacle2D node in the "Obstacles" (

Here you find a Picture with the position of the option to embed the PCK data :)

Like the game and the sprites. If you allow some critics, with an A* algorithm, the priest would not become wall-stuck. And, did you know, that you can integrate the .pck file into the .exe and the .x86_64? But yeah, the game is fun.

Dogdamn, I love the artstyle. Was fun to play.

I really love the assets you used. The look and feel of the game are great.

Thank you a lot. Was my first 3D game. Maybe it needs more polish and, as WhskeyDing0 said, it needs some more atmospheric sound. I would be proud to have you playing one of my games in future again :).

version tar.gz?

Sorry, I hope I got you right, you need a .rar version from the game? Just because, the game is in one file. If it is standard to upload rar and zip files, I am sorry and, for sure will change this, after the jam is over (I don't want to "manipulate" the files until then). Thank you for your feedback and have a great day.

Yeah, in the last two hours of the game I recognized, that my plan will not come together. So I had to improve the game a little and did not finish it at all. But I thought: "Better submit the game and have fun, than just being angry about this little oopsi-woopsi." In this clip you can see the moment I recognized it:

Oh yes, and I think you are right. Next time I have to ad an "how-to-play" to the game.

Thank you for your great words. You are right, I think it was a good idea to describe the player, how to play the game, next time :D. The bees are part of a challenge, to insert unnecessary bees to the game. So the bees are just kind of annoying and follow the cursor, that's right. :)

What a great game. I love all of it. The style, the gameplay. Wow. Fantastic

What a great game. I love all of it. The style, the gameplay. Wow. Fantastic

Great game. Sorry for spamming in your high scores. I thought the game doesn't take my submit. But yeah, I like the game very much.

I will, I promise

Hi, thank you for your comment :). I wanted to implement more attacks and options what explicit you want to level up. But time was running short and so I decided to randomize what will become leveled up. Speed, attack speed or HP. I see it as a kind of prototype and maybe the game "Otter survivors" will be released soon.

Bestes Spiel... Auch wenn ich das Ende nicht ersichtlich ist. Aber Katzen machen alles besser. 6/5 Sterne

I like the game a lot. But tbh, I got stuck and have no idea how to continue. Waiting for a Pewdie Pie Lets Play.

Had lots of fun. :)

I love the art style. Nice Idea. And thank you for exporting a version for Linux too.

Ja geil sag ich. Hab grad ein Let's Play gesehen. Könnt Ihr auch eine Version für die Linuxuser unter euren Fans exportieren? Würde euch auch 1 Bild von einem 1Horn senden. 



Hi, Ich würde es gerne unter Linux spielen aber ich finde nur eine .exe Datei. Kannst du mir sagen wo ich die Ausführbare Datei für Linux Systeme finde?

Hi, Ich würde dein Spiel gerne unter Linux testen aber leider fehlt die .pck File. Kannst du die noch hochladen? Kleiner Tipp: Pack die .x86_64 File mit der .pck File einfach in ein .zip oder .tar.gz Archiv. 

Finde es richtig gut, dass hier auch an die Linuxuser gedacht wird :)

Very good game. I like the soundtrack and the movement. Played it for a while. 

No problem. Don't take this critic too hard. Everyone starts somewhere. I hope you join more jams.

The idea is great but it freezes in the browser (Firefox) very soon.

To avoid this error I downloaded the Linux-version and it chrashed after about 30 Seconds with an memory access error.

But the idea is quite funny.


Die Grafik fetzt ja mal voll

Ich mag es es ist sehr lustig. Vor Allem wenn man kurz vor dem BOOOM

Nice game but I don't see the "airborne" aspect.