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I’d be interested definitely but I need to know more about time/location of game. I’d been thinking about setting up a Discord myself.

I’m in! This looks great. Is this going to eventually follow the same model as Heroes of Adventure, with a Player’s Handbook, Referee Guide, and Creature Compendium?


If you were to put this on the market, I’d buy one for sure. Looks amazing! Kickstarter time? Hehe.

They are both in their twenties now! I started them with Moldvay, when they were 9 and 4…

Both of them, like myself, have moved away from 5E and started looking for other games that hearten back to those days.

I have a whole buncha stuff in mind but I’m going to focus on getting my adventure site done and submitted first of all!

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Awesome! Thanks. I’m working towards getting a printed set of all of the releases, plus multiple copies of the Players Handbook. After pushing the idea for a test campaign with my sons, I hope to move to a larger group soon of six players.

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@ Nameless Designer - 

Do you have any plans to release covers for printability for Lair of the Mutants and The Dusky Dragon Inn as well?

That’s awesome thanks!

Would there be a way to get a single page world map?

will not use PayPal, sorry… looks interesting though