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I'd like if Energy/s counted what's being spent on the machine, sometimes it's hard to tell how many digits something is while it's rapidly changing, though once you reach the scientific notation limit I suppose it wouldn't matter, but around the 100000 stage it's a bit difficult, or if the numbers of total and per second were in a set spot it wouldn't keep moving around as much

Sorry, I couldn't find a comment section or anything ro put this on, but it looks like if you control+click in the ascension menu it spends your points without giving you what you bought

I too loved Insaniquarium, I even bought it again recently on Steam and have been playing now and then, and I love this concept, would love to see it a little more fleshed out with progression like Insaniquarium, however I really have to note the fish and pellets shouldn't block one another, I just wind up with a huge mass of fish at the bottom of the tank, hungry ones blocked by fed fish trying to get to the pellets.  Also once the pellet count is high enough the fish can't pass through the stream to get to the other side

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I'm a big fan of this game, but one suggestion, it gets kind of samey once you reach level 15 and every level after that is the same enemy, I'd suggest maybe repeating the order of enemies, so wave 16 would be the enemies from wave 1, 17 is wave 2 enemies, and so on

It'd also help distinguishing between waves you're trying to run early vs. waves you know you can handle when you're trying to get a little extra cash