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Surprisingly polished and well done game. I couldn't complete it in the 30 mins I played it but its well done and be interesting to see how it develops further. In terms of the theme the level environments do follow a liminal mood. The character design was also well done. I found the aiming and ordering to shoot a bit confusing but overall its a good entry with a lot of original ideas and well excucuted, 

Played this a few days ago and I think it nailed the theme. It was a atmospheric and disturbing experience. Especially liked the warped perspective and warp effects throughout, The soundtrack was also well done. A good polished art game

Here is a timelapse of the games creation

That's great! Though I had a small window of time to make it I did want to add some replayability. Advenure game maker helped a lot with speeding up the dev process for sure. Really solid tool

I'm planning a patch and will hooefully have time to create a more fully formed game.

Glad to hear it worked ok on a lower spec PC. I actually developed it on an older PC laptop with an older GPU 

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. It was quite intense as I had about 5 days to do it

That's great to hear cheers!

Thanks! At the min i'm working on a game for the liminal jam. Its not far off done. I also pman to patch this game and possibly develop it further 

Will try it out tomorrow

Cheers! Glad you liked it. I came into this jam quite late so it was preety rushed over about 4 days. Did incorporate more sound fx and make it more polished but meeting the deadline meant I had to rush it out the door. Will likely patch it up later. Thanks once again. 

Playing Pistol Duel


Playing Connection established (SPOILERS) 

Playing Eternal Vacation 

Play testing the game. 

This looks like a really polished entry but unfortunelly for me it crashes on the intro scene about 20 seconds in every time I run it. WIll have a another go with a frenh install 

Cool little webgame with retro graphics and an original concept. Music at the end was nice but could of done with some music in the main game loop. Enjoyable little mini game and the 8 bit art was well done.  

I attempted to play this but my antivirus keep on blocking it. Even After going past the download warning and downloading the file it it quarantined by windows defender. It looks like quite a nice game so just to make you aware. (On windows 10 downloading with chrome) 

I managed to play this one through finding the gun and the exit. Overall it was ok though could of done with some more indications of why the player is where they are and what they are meant to be doing. I shot the green goblin thing and the lamps and lighting in places was well done. The maze could of done with some texturing though and the lack of music and sound fx feels like a missed opportunity.  

A Shame this is unfinished as the environment is quite well done  with some good use of some medievil 3d assets and fog. Wondered around the environment a bit. With some gameplay this could be interesting 

A very quick game with an original concept. The mechanic for aiming could do with some tweaking though a lot of the time it seemed you could win just by clicking in time. Could not defeat the other guy on the final scene no matter how many times I tried, possibly intention. Font and dialogue was very in keeping with the gothic theme. Graphics were minimal and moody.

This was an interesting small visual novel game with some really well done original graphics. I wish there was some music and sound fx added to the initial version as this would of added to the atmosphere. I managed to pass the quiz on Frankenstein. A good start and matches the theme well of the gothic. Just needs polishing and some sound definitely.  The characters drawings and black and white style worked well just needs more polishing overall and sound I think. 

Just finished this small combat based game and it was really nicely done. Good atmosphere using minimal assets. Combat balance was well done and scaled as I played on.  The combat mechanic got increasibly more fun as it went on and the developer introduced the combat difficulty well. Especially liked the walk on walls feature. This would make an interesting immersive full game if developed more and with more time spent on it. As of now it is more like a tutorial to a combat system but yeah good work! Being nit picky here but the music whilst functional could of been longer. Matched the theme in an original way and the low poly style worked well. Map design could have some more environmental bits and bobs but overall a solid prototype.   

haha cheers I'm going to patch it up so the  animation works when I can had to rush it into the game quite quickly towards the end. Thanks 

A procedurally generated virtual reality experience loosely based and inspired by Scottish Music producers Copperknob's album Barrowlands made for an art exhibition in Macclesfield in November 2023. Includes Electron for doing windows builds. Built with A-Frame and javascript 

Game aim

Find the portals (represented by a blue sphere), move around, destroy walls to find your way through procedurally generated mazes / mines.

The aim is to move through as many portals as possible. Every time you move through a maze a new maze is generated on the fly.

You have 10 mins and get a miners report at the end with your stats which you can download

You can purchase the source code for $3 and its free to play in the browser.

Link to play:

Detailed Code overview  and demo

City of the Damned community · Created a new topic Patch 1

Patching up some bugs from before

Should be less breaks in the storyline and images that previously were broken should be fixed 

Mobile coming soon 

This is a really interesting concept, how are you doing the text generation? Good work 

City of the Damned community · Created a new topic Trailer

New Trailer for City of the Damned

Played this for a while on this stream - 3rd game. I liked the writing and the amount of customisation and chioices felt like they had a real effect on gameplay. Will likely play again. Good stuff

2nd game I play on this stream. Interesting and creepy with a great use of multimedia 

Cheers mate yeah it was a few months pushing the chapbook format as far I could in that time. Had fun on it

Thanks! It was just a quick prototype but glad you got something out of it

Thanks! I'm glad you like the artstyle I made them with a combination of traditional drawing and using an app called Painter on my phone plus some manipulation on GIMP. Thanks for rating too, I appreciate it!

Ahhh great! Not sure why downloads wouldn't work with chrome. I'm actually working on a new vampire focused game now which you might be interested in - NoirNights is the working title. Its an IF game made with twine with some original artwork so a little different. Planning to release on android in the coming months. Glad you enjoyed it and yes indeed ol Nosferatu does have a very refined taste hahha   

A spooky tale of being trapped. Interesting concept and the voice acting from Mark is suitably gothic! I think with some additional sound FX it would enhance it a lot and the story could be made longer as I reached the final conclusion quite fast but a pretty cool concept. I also feel though this is primarily a game for those with sight difficulties that the interface could be enhanced a bit - maybe a different font and background from the current one. But overall an interesting short IF.

Hey thanks! I'm probably going to build on it in future but I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the YouTube video / overview, it was fun to watch someone playing the game. It was a gamejam game so may well add to it in the future. Thanks for sharing!

No worries I really enjoyed the game, I was just thinking today actually have you thought of introducing a time challenge mode or something? So the player has to complete the maze in a given time? Like I said the cyberpunk aesthetic was really immersive and awesome and as you can see on the vid first reaction was Wow. Look forward to downloading Alpha 4.0 and great work on it from your team. :)