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i love this so much thank u for making it

thank you for translating the towelket series! now we can finally go through all the numbered titles in english :)) 

i'm still a long way from 5 but i'll get there eventually

beautiful! one of the most hopeful and tightly written essays you've done imo ^-^

wow, this is not only beautiful, but it also plays really well! i loved the hive-like boss fight and the different shot types. the story also seems very promising ^-^

oh my god thank you for the extremely kind words ^-^ we were thinking about cleaning the game up a little and updating it with new tracks and some extra dialogue here and there. i think we can do that in a couple of weeks, so the feedback is appreciated!

thank you so much!!! i'm happy you liked it :))

loved every second of this. it feels blurry like the fading memory of a perfect summer day, both in the writing and art. beautiful!

no worries! it's a good ending, i was just surprised :)

i looved the dialogue, the sheer amount of character artwork and the jokes in this. that ending though....

this was ambitious as hell, and a great story. i love how you merged the yuri romance with horror in such a creative way.

reading this while hungry was anxiety-inducing, but it felt appropriate lol

this was really, really great... pure romance and cute dialogue 4eva!!!

i was not expecting chloe to be this into cars.

this was absolutely incredible. thank you for making it. the dynamic between miya and sara is so fun...

ok this was extremely funny, i went in without reading the screenshots and laughed out loud. both routes were good!

heaven knows you is a short visual novel about Inno, an explorer trapped inside a buried castle in the desert. there, she falls victim to a spell that waited hundreds of years to be cast. there are witches there. one of them is Selena, and i like to think that she's nice.

made in 15 days for VN Cup 


  • no choices at all!
  • 25-35 minutes of screen-clicking action!
  • gay witches!
  • lots of drama!
  • lots of jank!
  • lots of love!

finally got to play this, and it was great. love the use of linearity in the Yume Nikki format to make the narrative clearer.

made a fiend :)

wow i didn't! thanks for the tip

wow, as a big fan of carly i sure wasn't expecting anything like this in the bundle! i'll try this one out for sure!