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In safe_save_ini.gml I found this:

if (wordcount = 0) {

Shouln't be == instead of =?

How serious is this bug?


Ah sorry!

Just to test it I put one usage of an enum value into one Draw event which has live_enabled. It works for me. I don't get any errors on saving the file:

I'm using the latest stable GMS2 IDE and the lastest runtime.  ( /

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I found the problem. In the Firewall private network was not enabled, just public was enabled for GMS2-Runner and gmlive-server.  See the screenshot.

I dont know now exactly if I need both, but I checked now all 4 checkboxes which I marked with red color in the screen shot.

After that the connection worked.


Windows WM works with

Internet permission for Android is enabled. (It is always enabled because our game-client often contacts our game-server via http.)

Any other ideas?

Thank your for your help!

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Thanks for the quick answer! I tried it, but still no luck!

I pulled out network cable from my PC and connected it to the same WLAN where my android mobile phone is connected. is now the IP address of the PC. I installed a "ping"-app on my mobile and I pinged from the phone, it is reachable.

Then  in obj_gmlive I replaced

live_init(1, "http://localhost:5100", "");
live_init(1, "", "");

Then I started gmlive-server on my PC:
Listening on port 5100...
0 clients.

Then I started my game in GMS2 with Android VM. The game started on my phone.

But gmlive-server still displays:
Listening on port 5100...
0 clients.

and when I change the source code, changes are not transfered to the phone.

On the console I still see:
10-15 19:38:41.423 15267 15981 I yoyo    : Exception = Failed to connect to /
10-15 19:38:41.454 15267 15324 I yoyo    : HttpGet("", 18)

I guess I'm still missing something!



I don't have that probem, because I have all enums in separate script.

So, I dont scatter macros and enums all across the code, but keep them in two scripts "macros" and "enums".  I could also put them together in one script.

And you don't have to call those scripts anywhere, because enums and macros are set by a pre-processor.  When compiler kicks in, your macros and enums are already set.

If you reorganize your project like this, you won't have this issue.

Hope it helps.

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In the description it says:
"The extension works with all native modules - you can even have the code update remotely while the game's running on a mobile device or a console."

Is that really possible, to change the code and code is transfered to the Android device?

I connected my Anroid smart phone to my PC via USB-cable and I started my game on my phone via GMS2 Android VM.  The game starts on my device, but in the console I get this:
10-15 13:21:57.534  8379  8420 I yoyo    : HttpGet("http://localhost:5100/init?password=&config=default&version=103", 3)
10-15 13:21:57.542  8379  8498 I yoyo    : Exception = Failed to connect to localhost/
10-15 13:21:58.548  8379  8420 I yoyo    : HttpGet("http://localhost:5100/init?password=&config=default&version=103", 4)
10-15 13:21:58.559  8379  8514 I yoyo    : Exception = Failed to connect to localhost/

What am I doing wrong?

For Windows WM it works. I'm using it for longer time now, it's a real time saver!!!

Thank you!


I bumped into the same problem. Also using the workaround.

Did you have chance to fix this?


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I have this in a Draw-Event:

var _fontBefore = draw_get_font();

When starting the game, GMLive doesn't complain about it, but as soon as I change something in that Event and save it, GMLive cannot reload that Draw- Event anymore and gives this error:

[live][11:38:03] Error in obj_test_powerups_cont:Draw_0:
[live][11:38:03] obj_test_powerups_cont:Draw_0[L7,c19] `draw_get_font` is not a function or script

This is the code at the top of that Draw-Event:

/// @description  Draw test stuff
if (live_enabled) {
    if (live_call()) { return live_result; }

var _colorBefore = draw_get_colour();
var _fontBefore = draw_get_font();



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I have this line of code

if (targetPickup.y <= QUADRANT_RIGHT_BOTTOM_Y_MIDDLE) {

GMLive gives me this erorr:

live][16:13:47] Runtime error: macro:QUADRANT_RIGHT_BOTTOM_Y_MIDDLE[L1,c39] `100276` (obj_mp_ball) does not have a variable `QUADRANT_RIGHT_BOTTOM_Y_MIN`

Apparently GMLive thinks that QUADRANT_RIGHT_BOTTOM_Y_MIN is an instance variable of the current object (obj_mp_ball).

This is the definition of the macros:


Apparently GMLive doesn't like macros which are defined via other macros !

Can this be fixed somehow?

Thank you!