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Unfortunately, you can't patch the final release with any earlier release.

Download all three files and patch them like usual and the music will be there.

The error message is a bit outdated, it should say you need Chapter 1-4, but it points to the same thing that you haven't patched the game.

- Copy all the files from the 5-6 folder into the 1-4 folder. If you're asked to overwrite a bunch of files, you've done it correctly. Otherwise, you haven't.
- Copy all the files from the 7-8 folder into the 1-4 folder. Same thing with the overwriting.

- Run the Chapter 1-4 game (which now has been patched with the 4 last chapters)

I took a quick peek at your comments for the last 24 hours, and they are all negative for all games.

Relax dude, it's just an adult game. :)

1. Thanks.
2. Cancelled?
3. It was released on Steam, on February 11th. :)

We were 9 people testing this more than any other release, and not one of us had a single problem with our saves. Unfortunately, when the game was out, it was too late, as any fixes would have had a big chance of ruining new saves made after the release, so I was in a bit of "between a rock and a hard place". I still spent around 6 hours trying to fix it, to no avail.

I would still recommend you to try and load a save made before chapter 7, as they seem to be running fine.

Truly sorry for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately, you can't patch your existing pre chapter 8 game. Due to upgrading to a new version of Ren'Py and changes to the music you have to download all three files for your system and patch like you normally would on a new game.

You can safely "ignore" that one - it just skips an image. I'll upload a new version in a bit.

It should be enough to pay the difference of what you paid originally. If it's not, please tell me, and I'll fix it.

Just dropping by real quick to say that the Itch version of LoF will be released tomorrow. There were some save-game problems I'm hoping to fix before uploading. You can still download the game if you own it on Steam.

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Giving a 1 star review when you have problems patching it is probably not the best approach to asking for help, but I'll try to explain to the best of my abilities.

I'll assume you've played chapters 1-4, and explain from there:

* Download version 0.6 (which contains chapter 5 and 6).

* Unzip and navigate to the Leap of Faith patch directory you just downloaded, and enter the /game/ folder.
* Mark all files and copy them.
* Navigate to your existing chapters 1-4 and enter the /game/ directory.
* Paste the files you copied (overwrite when asked).
* Run your existing chapter 1-4 version, which now should have chapters 1-6.

Repeat for chapter 7 afterward if you have bought that.

If that doesn't help, feel free to write again.

I'll redo the patch system for the 8th and final release which shouldn't be all that far away.

Hi there. Leap of Faith chapter 8 will be made available on Steam for those who already bought it, on Patreon, and on Itch when ready.

Hey there.
I have had several requests to make a censored version of LoF, due to many likes the story as it is without the adult elements. That opens to other markets too, like Apple's app store. It is something I'll most likely do after it is completed because it requires a rewrite of those scenes.

And if it'll be available on Steam? Yes. In about 75 minutes. :) Search for Leap of Faith there.

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The Steam version is exactly the same as the Itch and Patreon version.

That said, I will release a small priced DLC after the game is finished, which includes the in game walkthrough, dev commentary where I talk a bit about the game, and misc screens and animations that were thrown out along the way while making this.

That will only be available on Steam and for some tier Patreons.

Happy holidays to you too. Enjoy the season.

I want to keep this game here on Itch, even if I was forced to put the game behind a paywall on Patreon. But the vagueness in the video is due to me trying to find a good way to distribute the game across sites in fairness of those who supported it in some form along the way (those who voluntarily paid for an earlier release, or supported on Patreon).

I'll have more information when we're getting closer. And as for Steam, it will be released there a bit later then the main release, because it takes a bit of time getting the approval (even more so since it's an adult game), so it should have the bugfixes included too.

Thank you!

And the completed Leap of Faith will consist of 8 chapters total. Just a few more to go now.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. :)

The if statement is in the phone app, not the script. Check the music app before heading off to the airport.

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First of all, thank you very much for coming back with a followup comment. I absolutely applaud you. I can fully understand reactions to this chapter, although 99.9% of them are good. Leap of Faith is very much about feelings, or rather to feel. I do know that for some feelings are hard (if you read the text at the end), but I will do my utmost to make it up to you in the following chapter, and I hope that you will find peace with your demons and can live alongside them.

Secondly, did you notice the heartbeat at the very end of this chapter?

Just now! :)

Download both 0.4.5 and 0.5.1 and unzip both of them.

Navigate into the 0.5.1 unzipped folder until you see the executable LeapofFaith.exe.

Use CTRL+A to select all files and folders (including the game, renpy and lib folders) and CTRL+C to copy.

Navigate into the 0.4.5 unzipped folder until you see the executable LeapofFaith.exe

CTRL+V to paste the copied contents. You should be prompted with a "do you want to overwrite" for a lot of files. Click yes to overwrite.

Run the game from the 0.4.5 folder - which is now patched to 0.5.1 (should display so in the upper right hand corner of the main menu).

If this doesn't work for you, feel free to ask for more help should you need it. :)

Due to my file limit here on Itch, I had to make chapter 5 into a patch - meaning it contains the chapter 5 images only.

In order to play 0.5.1 after downloading, unzip it and copy it into the 0.4.5 folder after unzipping (select overwrite when asked about it), then run 0.4.5 as you normally would. If the top right corner of the main menu screen shows 0.5.1, you've done it correctly.

I have made a post at the top of this page, also on the download page, and in addition to that I answered you message about three months ago when you asked the same question - if you scroll down a bit. :)

If you have problems patching, then you can download chapter 1-5 in one go at my patreon page:

(if you download chapter 1-5 in one go, install it anywhere. your saves are still intact).

I've not gotten close enough to pinpoint a date yet, but it's coming along nicely.

I'm working on it every single day, so every day you have to wait is more content in the release.

Thank you for the kind words, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Steph joined up with them much later on, about a year after the events of his 17th birthday. Those who had known each other for a decade was a reference to Linda(/Matt/Chris).

Check the bold message at the top of this page. :)

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The only thing needed to open up the Holly option on the yacht is to move around the "Holly-roam" screen with her until you see no more dialogues pop up as you move around. There is a total of 9 screens with 0 to 3 dialogues each, depending on your previous choices.

If you want to aim for the Holly ending (not a real ending, but a lightweight one), you will have to check Holly's contact info on your phone after the yacht and the "love meter" has to be completely full by then.

(1 edit)

You can select one of the other girls at the beginning of chapter 4 if you want to see their routes for this game. There is a total of 58 variation endings planned.

Drop by my patreon at and you will find a complete download.

This is a bug. The task in the task app on the phone will always show as 'failed' because the deadline passed. As long as the task doesn't have a red background, or you get a popup message somewhere saying it failed, you're safe.

When chapter 6 is out, this will correct itself on the very first screen, so you don't need to do, or replay anything, to fix it.

The Leap of Faith 0.5.1 (Chapter 5) is a patch to Leap of Faith 0.4.5. For instructions on how to install it, please look up a bit at the bold text in the description. :)

The idea is that the more you talk to Holly, the more inclined you (and her) are to accept Lexi's proposal later on.

So on the "Holly-Roam", move around all screens, to see as many dialogues with her as possible.

(2 edits)

For question 1 and 3, go through your Nuke app after the screens where Robin is dancing, right before Cece enters.

2. When sitting down beside Cece, bring up your phone and send a message to her.

Good luck. :)

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In order to play chapter 5, you will have to download it, unzip it, and copy it into your chapter 1-4 folder. If you get a question if you want to overwrite some files, you are doing it right. Click Yes to overwrite.

The reason I had to do this was because of the file size limit.

Alternatively, you can go to my Patreon and download chapter 1-5 in one go (link above). Your saves will still work even if you unzip it to a different folder.

I have had some reports of this occuring in the android port or modded version of the game. If that is the case here, try seeking help with the author of those (as I don't support either android or the modded version for now).

I have not had any reports of this happening in the clean version of the game. If you are playing the clean version of the game, give me a rundown of what you do before it happens and I'll try to replicate the bug on my end

Leap of Faith is created with Daz studio. The assets are mostly bought and modified to some extent (some much, and some not so much).

For music, you can select which song you want from the music menu (escape -> music) to hear even while playing, but there is no queue system in place as of now. Also remember that many of the tunes were selected specifically for the moment they are playing - ea. the lip sync, romantic moments, fun stuff etc. Changing them might break some of the immersion. :)

I've only noticed one scene where I should have repositioned the text due to poor visibility which happened in chapter 2, otherwise I've been constantly aware of the issue when rendering. Though you can click shift+a to select a few alternative fonts or sizes, but unfortunately no color change.

And thank you very much for the kind words!

Hey guys and thank you so much for your kind words. I am working hard on this every day, and looking at the progress so far - it will be a big one. I'll publish a 'release date video' as usual the second I'm comfortable with setting an exact date. Hopefully sooner rather than later. :)


Thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed the rest of it as well. Cheers. :)

I'm always looking for ways to improve the game/story, and if there is an option to make a good believable ending that leans toward a harem, it might be included. Though, at this moment there is no harem ending planned or promised.

There are 8 chapters in total, with a possible 9th get-together chapter down the line, so we're just getting started. :)

Remember, you need to load a save from the Chapter 3 endscreen or earlier to open up the completed Chapter 4 with all the girls included.