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I like the visuals and sounds, as these are really retro.

From a gameplay perspective I did not see the challenge. The game gets more and more easier at the end and guns are overpowered. So I did not miss any of the enemies at all.

Missed that one too, you have to upgrade the gun with the "2" key when the hints appear on the left and right.

I would agree on that

Nice idea and matches the theme quite well. You have to be patient with the spotlights. I would prefer to leave out the map as the map mechanic makes it easier. And no "caves", but some more smaller turns and deadends with lights in the levels.

Not sure if this is the goal, but I simply hit Space very early and the intention rises extremely. All in all it is more about reaction but not patience.

Thank you for your feedback. During my plays I tried to play step by step instead of memorizing the complete board. So I have to keep your way in mind. 

Many thanks. You are right, as music has strong influence on the gamedesign. A post-jam release should have an update on the soundtrack 😉

Thank you. 

Thank you. The decision to leave out any hints on the blocks was done with Intention, so color changes too. And additionally the key mapping is random. Also the board movement was random at the beginning. But that made it to be really really patient 


The game page contains the more polished after-Jam release as download. It took more time and I would have missed the target time even more. 

Trijam edition was made in 5 hours. After-Jam has roughly 2 more hours spent in.


does it also count if a game is submitted for another parallel jam?

Are you doing a demonstration or streaming ALL the games?

Funny idea with some progression. At first, I thought the level is static and you have to do fixed moves to win. The idea is great for future improvements :)

Fetched 19...  and I enjoyed this nightly sound loop.

Really tough... sometimes the jump is not recognized.

Not really a bug. The second level is not finished, because I wanted to stick to the timeline. 

Funny Idea... Good toughness progression! I stopped playing at the second fireball stage.