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What i liked about this game , how you started the story and the art style . everything is perfect but its missing the sound and music . Also camera shaking would have helped for this one . the game is good . Would be better if it was longer to make the game fits the theme x) . Thank you for sharing it with us

Thank you Shidy for your feedback , the negative feedbacks will help me to improve in futur games . Glad you played my game .

thanks again

Hey there !

Thank you so much , glad you liked the game and i hope this will help me improve in the futur.

I really like the idea and the concept of this game , it is so original also fits the theme , but you need to improve your graphics a little . The game is really fun i like it . thank you for sharing it

The game is good and 100% the theme is in there ,

but there's something missing which is design , for example the game title contains "glowlight" and i dont see glowing in the game , you could have added glowing using any software like photoshop ,.

if you added music the game would be more alive

thats what is missing in general , the game is not alive yet . If you focused in making it alive it would be way better and fun , I dont mean that its not fun . It is fun but its just too short.

I like the idea and the trolling upgrades , its challenging after you downgrade yourself , 

Thank you for letting me trying it out :)

Thank you for your feedback.

This is what i liked to see . A serious feedback that will help me to improve my future games . Hopefully next time you will see better games than this also keep in my mind that this was my first finished project. Again thanks for your feedback

Thank you so much , glad you liked it

Thank you for your feedback microman , I wanted my friends to try out the game before i upload it so i can get feedback like yours but it was too late and none of the responded .. So i had to upload it immediatly

Again thank you for your feedback and playing the game i appreciate that 

I put so much effort in this game , try it out

Great game Shidy i like it :)))

You should win the jam