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Now, before I say anything I am not saying this is bad it's a good game and I do like slow burns however. Spoilers below

How does this have to do with with overall plot on Chainged in the true endings? It doesn't fit the overall plot or fit the last thing Chronos and Catharien talked about. It just feels like a random game placed into it. It's like play a whole Choose your own advenure game, but one choice takes you to a movie about alfard hitchcock it's cool and enteraining still, but out of place

Still cool game and enjoyed it.

Pastasfuture game really seemed out of place and didn't seem like it connected with anything really

Was mmm's game I Know The End do anything or just that.

For the people telling him to shut up because it's free.

Just because a game is free doesn't make it exmpet from criticism Sythe's game on the pack literally makes you have to blindly click to find a way to progress this isn't good that's bad.

Do events happen at random or happen in order?

Why is this in horror?

Doodle Dip in hell.

"No furries!" You lost me (Joking by the way)

Yeah this game sounds like a dumb joke.