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"No furries!" You lost me (Joking by the way)


Hey! Shoo! Get back to Major\Minor! Your kind ain't welcome here, I said git!

(Yeah, me too :) )


ugh, at least mention a better one.worst thing i ever read.

Thought you were referring to Animal Lover. I was thinking "I dunno, I think it's okay..."

Actually I never played Major\Minor. I'm very curious, why's it so bad?


steam reviews covered it all really. it had some really good potential to cover some really uncomfortable situations, but the story doesn't go in depth. there was a point i was like "holy shit, this doesn't seem to have an easy solution for" but they tackle it in the easiest and laziest way.

Twice now I thought this was about my game XD

Damn! That's a shame. Ahh, well.