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A member registered May 03, 2016

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Those libraries are already installed..... My player log is bare as well.... Other Unity games seem to work...

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This game looks amazing, yet I am on LXLE, based on Ubuntu 15.04, and I am crashing when importing game controller configs... Code posted below...

titan@mythos:~/Games/NormansSky_003_Linux$ ./NormansSky.x86

Set current directory to /home/titan/Games/NormansSky_003_Linux

Found path: /home/titan/Games/NormansSky_003_Linux/NormansSky.x86

Mono path[0] = '/home/titan/Games/NormansSky_003_Linux/NormansSky_Data/Managed'

Mono path[1] = '/home/titan/Games/NormansSky_003_Linux/NormansSky_Data/Mono'

Mono config path = '/home/titan/Games/NormansSky_003_Linux/NormansSky_Data/Mono/etc'

displaymanager : xrandr version warning. 1.4

displaymanager : trying .X11-unix

client :0 has 1 screens

displaymanager screen (0): 1280 x 800

Using libudev for joystick management

Importing game controller configs



Edit: The screen briefly flashes a black window before failing.