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this presented a really interesting perspective to me, as i had been oddly obsessed with pacman generally in 2020 but i had never connected it to avoiding people during the pandemic. i have joked about traversing grocery stores being akin to a stealth game, however. i'd also like to add that this bitsy is really technically impressive, good work!

this is really fun to mess with!

i liked how personal this game was, it came across as very heartfelt and sincere. 

nice work! i especially like the frame/hud in this. i also feel tempted to try out bitsy3d now.

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after nearly two weeks, i have finally completed my pico-8 game titled SWEETDOZER. this is an timed score attack game, in which you control a bulldozer and push giant piles of sweets to a goal area.  you'll want to accumulate as many points as possible before your time runs out, but don't worry because as you score you also gain back time. this is a simple casual game that you can realistically play for as much or little as you want (as long as the timer hasn't reached zero during your run).  this game has quirky little music, sfx, and graphics that should appeal to those who like a arcade-like, colorful aesthetic. you can play the SWEETDOZER in-browser for free @, with standalone downloads for windows, mac and linux being available at a minimum price of 2 USD. i hope that whoever plays this game enjoys it as much as i did while making it.