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Dreamy Robot

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It's been a while but just recently replayed this, the atmosphere is just so eerie. If you ever get to finishing the full version, let us know. It really has potential.

I adore this cute game so much. The 3d model of the greenhouse is really pretty, I didn't expect there to be so many details. The more you look around, the more you find. 

Such a sweet and short IF, I loved the way the words painted a picture in my mind, the music brought it together really well too.

This was such an amazing experience, extremely eerie but all the references to the stores I remember from the 2000's made this feel oddly nostalgic too. Loved the little easter eggs in the game as well, very creative.

I would love to collab with you! If you need any 3d models or evnrionments, I'd be happy to make them for you :)

I really enjoyed this, the worlds with the music together were so pretty! Thanks for reminding me on Insta about your new game!

there's a bug happening for me when I pass through the door at the beginning to no-clip it shortly shows the Backrooms and then I seem to fall "through" the Backrooms and the screen remains grey. I can guide the character, but there's no environment.

I really loved this. The subtelty and calm atmosphere of the storyline definitely highlighted the every day struggles you fight through when you're dealing with depression. I've been developing on Ren'Py recently too and it was awesome to see how you portrayed this story so effectively. 

This has got to be the best Backrooms version out there. Love the textures and the soundscape. You can hear the audio clipping from the music a little bit though, but otherwise it's really immersive. Can't wait to see how this game progresses. 

I really loved this experience, such a unique gameplay style too. The puzzles were really creative!

This was an absolutely amazing experience. I don't know how much time you spent on creating the interior of this house but the detail on those game assets is stunning to say the least. Loved the audio ambience to this as well, very creepy atmosphere.

I spent 10 mins pondering the orb, 10/10 would recommend.

This was so wonderful and cute, what a heartwarming little story.

This was such a creative idea, I really loved this. A visual story like this could literally become a series of some sort. Great concept. 

I really loved this and can't wait to see more worlds and storylines / interaction with NPCs.

Thanks Hugo, can't wait to see the updates!

This was an extremely eerie experience. Those pigs will haunt my nightmares.

This was great! I can't wait to see the full game!

Did not expect this game to turn out the way it did. What a cool twist towards the end. Loved the end game title. 

Amazing game, had to replay to get the outcome of the other choices too.

That is amazing, thanks also for little sneak peak picture :) I'm obsessed with anything liminal haha. If you ever need help from a 3d artist to make game assets or objects, feel free to ask!

Hey peeps, so I've recently been working on a few projects and just wanted to share some of my recent work with you all. You can find more on my page here on, or by following me on Instagram @dreamy.robot
I also have an artstation (link in profile) if you're there. If you're a game dev and need some game assets, feel free to let me know and I'd be happy to help you! 

1999 RCT Room

It's 1999 and you're playing Roller Coaster Tycoon on your PC.

The Poolrooms
Commission environment / level design for The Poolrooms on

The Windows Man
Character / Environment Concept. I made the Windows monitors seperately.

Thanks for viewing!

Can I take this moment, to endorse my friend here? I've been doing 3d game design and just introduced StuffBut3D to He's amazing at his work and I can highly recommend him if you want to hire him for your assets! :)

It's a shame that this was discontinued, the textures and the atmosphere are among the best verions of the Backrooms games imo

would love to play through the whole game once it's finished, loved the soundscape to it as well. What engine are you using for your VN?

wow, man, this was awesome. I'm a junkie for anything liminal and was already impressed with the first three environments, did not expect there to be so many. Great job on the soundscapes as well, perhaps change the footstep sound so it fits to the terrain in a future update. If you need any game objects or assets modelled, feel free to let me know, I'd be happy to contribute to this awesome game

Such a beautifully mastered piece of playable art. I love how the music, together with the tones and scenery come together to portray the intended sadness that came with the destruction of the agricultural society in favour of industrialisation.

I literally had to go through every choice after I did my first playthrough, to see what everything else was. I loved how deeply emotional this game got at times. Made me reflect on my own decisions as well. Brilliantly done!

This was so incredibly peaceful, I could have stayed in some of these scenes for much longer. Would be incredible to see an update with more scenes, or a part 2 that has some more content.

Game gets more intense as time moves on. If you look carefully you'll find hidden clues. Loved the style and the idea, would be great to see something like this again. 

Probably one of the most creative indie-horror games I've seen in a while. Definitely a must play. The unique characters and unexpected story really give this an extraordinary atmosphere.

This was some really intense stuff. The jumpscares definitely got me. Loved how the different scenes were developed. Glad I played this.

Really great stuff, felt like being right in the show. What a gorgeous environment, I honestly can't believe this was done for a uni project since it feels like an intro / demo to a much larger official franchise. Would love to see this taken up to develop a ST game.

I haven't been scared by a game in a while the way I have been with this one. There are jumpscares here, but mainly this game feeds off nice graphics that create a believable, and very unsettling atmosphere. Great game. 

Honestly, this was probably one of the weirdest indiehorror games I've played on here. I still don't know exactly what happened, but I'm amused by my own bewilderment. What a fun, short game.

This was a really fun game concept. I would love to play the full game. Great idea!

I played this at night, alone, while craving some potato chips. Played through to the end. I'm not hungry anymore. 11/10 can recommend. 

Starting this game I didn't expect the story to unfold the way it did. A really amazing narration through text that compliments the eerie and tense atmosphere. Enjoyed this a lot. 

Whoa, this was surprisingly very creepy. Had a couple of jumpy moments here which made the whole creative atmosphere stand out. Loved that! Perhaps The camera movement could be scaled down a little bit, to maybe 3 or 2 in UE4 since it seemed a little sensitive. Alternatively add a sensitivity scaler in options. Can't wait to see the finished version!