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I just encountered and played this game for the first time and the entire time I was just thinking of how... lovely this is. I know you've described different intentions here but I can't help but see this as a love letter to your friends - and that sense of friendship and found family between other trans people's always very comforting to hear about. Thank you for creating this game and sharing it!!!

This was a really lovely game! Simple but effective and comfortable. The conversations between the birds were really nice, and I was smiling at the end. : )

Wow this is really good ahh!! I read through all of it (unless I missed a sidenote accidentally) and the wordflow in your work is just wonderful. I like that it's sometimes vague in that poetic abstract way, but still clear that the though-provoking didn't get me out of the experience of the game. The end almost had me tear up; it really put my own feelings of freedom with being enby/agender into beautiful words :)