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You can use them wherever you'd like.

It's so fun just to mess around at the moment. Having a lot of fun just planning out my city. :)



You can use it in your work. :)

Thanks :



Sure thing



Yes. You can use them wherever you want

Agreed, I'm excited for this.

Oh wow! I didn't know that about the half pipe. Nice dude :D

As for Pico8, I almost started using that. That's some major limitations. I hope that gets changed, or is optional in the future.

Just got to play on my lunch break actually! I figured out the charge boost. That's really unique dude. I haven't played another game that did that. If you could add something in between the beginning and the end besides the other racers, maybe boost pads on the ground you could hit, or some more geometry, like store fronts, mountains, futuristic highways that break apart so that you have to go from track to track. I think it could be even better than it is with that stuff. Of course those are just my suggestions. It was really fun for what it was dude :)

Wow dude! This looks great! I'm also in the GDWC with my game Rutabaga (that's how I found you). I'm definitely going to have to check this out when I get off work. Followed! :)

I debated calling mine Turnip actually, since most know how to spell it. Hell, I didn't even know how to spell Rutabaga at first. I was spelling it Rutabega lol

You make a game called Turnip, I make a game called Rutabaga. I just had to comment here because of that. lol

I'm looking to give out download codes of Harrow to streamers and other content creators. Let me know if you're interested, and I can get you a copy of the game.

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Is it too high, too low, or just right? Are you put off by the price being $4.95? Please, no "make it free" comments, but I'd like to hear opinions from people who have played the game or are thinking of getting it. 

Oh awesome. I was going for a PS1 aesthetic for Harrow, so that may be pixelated horror, unless you're only counting 2D games. I don't wanna shill too hard, but it goes with what you're talking about, and I figure I should probably mention it. I'm actually making another game that fits what you're interested in. It's called Adventure Maker, and you can make action adventure games (kind of Zelda Style). I update it every month. If you wanna check that out, it's here:

Hey guys, my name is Justin Sink, and I'm the developer of Harrow. I think I'll list off some games that I love on this post. Obviously I'm a huge fan of the Silent Hill series, as it probably shows in the trailer and use of tension and scares in Harrow.  It's my favorite game series, and probably always will be. My favorite game of the series would have to be Silent Hill 3 or 4. 3 because Heather is such a good character, and 4 because it really knows how to scare me, and it was my first Silent Hill game, oddly enough, since it was the last good one. Other than Silent Hill, I really love Shadow of the Colossus (especially the remake), Wolfenstein ||: The New Colossus, Zelda: Majora's Mask (and other Zelda games), and I'm also a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series (when the games are actually good). Those are some random picks, but that's what's on my head right now. Lately I've been playing Uncharted 4, which has been an amazing experience. It feels so fluid, and it makes you feel like a badass sometimes. My favorite thing to do is to jump off of a swinging rope and insta kill someone.

What kind of games are you into? Anything you're playing lately? Do you have an all time favorite series, or are you a big fan of the Silent Hill series like me?