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The game looks and sounds pretty good, and the core idea is pretty interesting! It's a bit sad that the platforming is a bit janky, with the player character having a pretty underwhelming jump and being able to get stuck in ledges as that can really mess things up since the timing is so strict. That aside, it was pretty fun solving the puzzles and I really wish it was longer!

The game is very charming with its cute visuals and quirky writing! I just wish the player could move a bit faster.

The game looks great! The platform can get a little tricky at times, and having the reset button on the spacebar really messed me up sometimes. That aside, what an endearing game!

It's pretty amazing to see how much this game can do with so little. Not only is it fun to play, its message is also really nice!

Neat game! I really like the way the story is delivered to the player. My only problem with it is that most of the fonts used can be a bit hard to read.

The concept is really intriguing and so are the characters. Too bad the ending feels a bit abrupt, because it made me want to see how this story could end!

Super charismatic game! The opening was really cute and the game itself is pretty fun to play.

This game is adorable! Collision can be janky at times, but I had a lot of fun figuring out solutions to the objectives. However, the ending appeared to be rushed and in my playthrough only showed a blank Unity scene and some text, and I can't say if that was intentional. Overall, fun game!

Pretty fun game! It looks nice and feels good to play.

Aww man, that's a shame. I really should have thought about allowing the player to change the controller setting to avoid situations like these. I'll make sure this doesn't happen again next time!

The tower sections are fun and the puzzles are great, but I do feel there's a sudden difficulty spike after the first two challenges the game throws at you. Still, nice game!

It's simple and it has an engaging story, I like it!

The gameplay really doesn't seem to be the focus of the game, as you only really have to go through scripted events with no challenge until you reach the end. The story itself is rather enjoyable, even if a little morbid. RIP Luna.

Even if the platforming itself is a bit rough, the puzzles are really satisfying to solve. Great job!

The main mechanic can be abused pretty easily but overall it's still a really fun game!

It's a nice game with nice visuals and an interesting take on the theme! I just wish the last boss fight didn't drag on so much.

There doesn't seem to be any guides on what the controls are or what is your objective, but once you figure that out, it's a nice, short game!

A great game! The visuals are amazing and the concept is really interesting and rather well executed. It's just a shame there it's any sort of tutorial for it anywhere, leaving the player to figure out the mechanics and controllers by themselves.

It's rather repetitive and the transition into the e-mail screen, despite lookin' cool, takes some time, and it gets annoying having to see it every time you want to check new messages, which is a shame because the writting is really interesting!

This game is great! The art is amazing and it seems like there was a lot of effort put into the audio part. My only problem with it is that levels can feel a little confusing, but overall, it's really good!

The controls can feel a little stiff and the level design could use some more work. Despite that, it's an interesting game and a joy play if you are a JoJo fan!