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Very nice game. The only downside is the short duration. For all the rest it's fun and never frustrating.

The game isn't bad. Overall I liked it. One who does not like trial and error tells you. The puzzles are not difficult and that's fine. I found the puzzle of the path with arrows a bit complicated but I started to think and in the end I understood it. The idea of danger at every step is also good but perhaps the fact of killing the player (who must remember to save often) is a little exaggerated. I refer mainly to the spirit near the bridge and the ritual part. The cool thing is that in the last part you also disabled the ability to save, forcing me to repeat a small piece. For the ritual, I think that a minute of waiting is a bit excessive. Maybe you could have done 10 or 15 seconds (which is still a lot for a part where you don't have to do anything). I tried both endings and it would have been better if you had developed them a little more.

I had thought about leaving normal speed but it seemed a bit too fast. However I understand the annoyance of holding the key down to run. I'll reset it with the update then. Thanks.

Thanks for feedback

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Thank you so much. I'm going to fix the game a bit to make it more playable and less boring and this video is very useful. Thanks again.

Four legs! Not arms! I am shocked by this mistake! Sorry.

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Hi. Thanks for this detailed feedback. I premise that I don't want to justify the choices at all. I would just like to explain the reasons, then maybe I made wrong choices or made badly. I begin by apologizing for the language because yes, I know very little English. This is one of the fears I had as the story is the very fundamental part of the game. So I'm sorry you don't understand much. For the moments of exploration outside the house and school, it doesn't add much but it is to stay consistent with the plot itself (which predicts that the protagonist knows nothing, at least up to a certain point). However, I played with the environment to make people understand which places to explore (the grass in the prologue and the plants outside the school). Same thing happens in gardens where there is a camouflaged plant to be found. I developed it with a player in mind who does not run left and right to finish the game as soon as possible, but a player who observes the details. For tiles, I would have liked you to have been more specific. In the part where the torch must be looked for, I had thought of inserting something to guide but I preferred to avoid "helping" too much. The game continuously guides the player through the protagonist's thoughts. I could fix the part of the school once the contest is over, when I can upload other versions. Thanks again.

Hi. My game is Letters from a lost time. It is a dramatic adventure game with no bosses, fights or spells, consisting of a prologue, 3 chapters and an epilogue, all very short.

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I like the mechanics. I admit that I thought I could change the type of character with the press of a button, but I was surprised by the system where you can switch between them. A bit disappointing on the outside because I was expecting more difficulties than prison. I have seen however that it is in development, so I am confident that it is only a demonstration part. Well done.

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I had a request for help in finding the plant in the gardens. I recommend that you look carefully between the plants because there is one disguised among other similar ones (however, it is visible and different from the others.).

The solution here:

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This is my game made for IGMC: Rebirt jam.


The story of a boy and a letter indicating a house outside the city. Why should he go there? Why does he have some marbles in his pocket? In this short adventure, a dramatic and forgotten truth will be revealed. The truth of a time still alive in some letters, even though it has passed somewhere because you know... time never stops.

I hope that you like it.

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Hi. I made a game for a jam and used some songs from this bundle. I added credits in the game page and in the game itself. Thanks for your work.