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Thanks, i am glad you liked the game!

And for the opposition thing, yeah i certainly agree with you. Our plan was to make something like that but unfortunately we didn't have time to make them.


Thanks for your kind words

I liked the dialogues, they are interesting to me.
Also the game is good too.

Good game, art looks nice and the gameplay is well designed.

I like this game so much!

Very well designed levels and mechanics!
Also audio and graphics are very good too.
This game will probably be one of the top games on ranking.

And just wondered, did you watch GMTK's "What makes a good puzzle" video?
Cause i see levels uses assumption and conflict. I learned assumption and conflict from GMTK.

Cool game. I don't have much else to say :D

It's nice that you designed a mechanic that can be used in multiple different ways.
Overall, it's well done especially for 6 hours.

Thanks for the feedback!

Okay i was reading the questions, i got my answer from your comment on another question 👍

Will you be on discord again like you did on the Wowie 2?

Nice idea!

Things that i would suggest:
-Jump rate thing is too long, it feels bad when you hit space and nothing happens
-Also attack rate is too long too imo.

Bugs: You can go the left most side of the level and fall to the eternity.

Nice idea, levels are also well designed. Art looks good and audio is nice too.
Another thing i admire about the game that you reward the player on the level complete with particles and sound.

One thing maybe you can add to make the game more rewarding is adding particles everytime you move and tween the platform you move on to down and up a little bit. You can check out the "Tiles Hop" game as a reference.
It would make the moving more fun i think.

Overall a cool game!

Thanks for playing and giving feedback! I'm glad you liked it!

Yeah there is no music in the game you are right.

Btw, i tried to play your game but it says "We couldn't find your page". 

You should be able to rate from this link! You'll see stars for the each category.

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As i know, you need to submit a game to Brackeys Jam to rate others games.
But thanks a lot for playing, i am glad that you liked it!

I don't know if our game is creative but here you go :D

Artist kimdi?


Thanks for sharing.

Just wondered, did you get any money from donations for this game? 
And if possible can you give the number?

Can you send some work you did?

Paint Jam 2021 community · Created a new topic I'm in!

I think it would be fun to make the graphics with MS Paint

Şuradan başlayabilirsin 

Is background and platform tiles made by you or an asset?

Yo, I'm a programmer and musician. Also a Game Designer.
If i can find a good 2D artist & animator i am planning to join to jam with him/her. Otherwise i'll go solo.
Oh and i can do some sound design if needed too.

I have made games before, i can send some gameplay footage if you DM me on discord.
Discord: Lehip#0591
(I didn't made the Rigor and The Eraser on my profile, i was just game designer on those games But that was long ago, i have improved A lot since then )

Wow this game is very good, it would be nice if you turned it into a full steam release...

(joking :D)

Graphics are very nice very nice but the game lacks game feel.

I suggest you watch "Art of Screenshake" conference by Jan Willem Nijman
and "Juice it or Lose it"
and "Secrets of Game Feel" by Game Maker's Toolkit

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Cool, then DM me on discord if you have a discord account.

Still looking btw

Kurallarda: "İstediğiniz oyun motorunu kullanabilirsiniz." yazıyor.

Hello, I'm looking for a 2D Artist. Not pixel art tho..

Discord: Lehip#0591

What are my skills?: Programming in Unity and i am also a musician. I can do some sound design too if needed. And i also have knowledge on Game Design. 
So an artist that can make game assets and animate them would be a perfect fit for me.

I have made games before, i can send some gameplay footage if you DM me on discord.
(I didn't made the Rigor and The Eraser on my profile, i was just game designer on those games But that was long ago, i have improved A lot since then )


Are you the person who  made this asset?


I think you need a better cover photo

Can you pls tell us what happened after the jam? :D That would be fun to hear

A lot!