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Try holding down the Windows key and press the up arrow. That should hopefully maximize the game window.

Thank you for the error log. It does help!

Thanks for your comment. Release v0.1.4 should let you resize the game window, if that was the issue?

You could try looking at for a game that matches your version of LÖVE. Latest version, and the version my game requires, is 11.

Thanks for reporting the errors, and for making the video! It was very fun and educational! :D

I've fixed the crashes in v0.1.3, but the panning problem can still occur during lag (though as you figured out, it's solved by either exiting the game or going back to the main menu).

I finally managed to fix this issue in release v0.1.3, that is if you're still interested in playing the game.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

Sounds like you have a problem with the sound system. Do you have the crash log? Do you know if you have the same issue with other LÖVE games (with sound)?

Thanks for reporting the crash! It has been fixed in v0.1.3. Hopefully your old save should start working with the new version.

Is the APK from not working, or from the Google Play Store? I haven't had any problems with either.

Thanks for reporting the crash! It was a tricky one, but has been fixed in v0.1.3.

Sorry for the late reply. I missed the notification.

Does the error happen every time you load the same save?

I've filled in the support email address, so if you contact support for this game, you'll get a hold of me. But to answer your question, yes it's fine.