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Hey, thank you for purchasing Battle Splash. It seems to be a known issues with the game, so you'll have two options to prevent that:

1. Play the game in DX9: When you press Play in the game Library, select "Play Battle Splash in DX9", and the problem will go away. This is for old graphic cards as well as preventing many graphic issues.

2. Turn off Eye Adaptation: When you launch the game (normally), go to Options->Video, and then turn off Eye Adaptation.

Hope these helps :D

Not at all! Thank you very much for the video! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game! :D

Yes, the Beta version is now live on Steam. You can check it out here.

Hi, unfortunately your system does not match the minimum system requirement of Battle Splash, so sorry about that.

Here is the full list of the minimum system requirement:

    • OS: Windows 7 32bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 Sandy Bridge for Mobile
    • Memory : 3 GB RAM - (your is 2GB of RAM)
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphic 3000 for Mobile - (by default, i3-2100 came with Intel HD 2000, so unless you have a better card, you can't run the game properly)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space

Thank you very much for supporting the game!

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Hi, so sorry about that.

May I ask you when did the crash occur? Did it say anything about the crash? Did it automatically close the game or was it just Not Responding? If it's just about Not Responding then please be patient, the game takes time to pre-caching data so that you'll have the smoothest experience possible. If it said it had "crashed", please follow the instruction how to report a crash.

One more thing, could you provide your PC specs? I've tried to support the lowest PC specs possible, but limit is still limit. Thus, older computer rig might not be able to run the game, as the game require a Core i3 Sandy Bridge for Mobile or better.

Hi. If you have a controller connected, then please check your controller. If you don't have any, then it's possible that you're in Observing mode.

If you did not select any character, you'll enter Observing mode, which manually alter your camera for tracking other player's look direction. The list of playing character is on the right, which helps you to observe a specific player. Click on Character Select for start playing, or if you want to continue observing other player, just click on Resume. In Observing mode, you can press [Space] for changing observing mode.

Hi, sorry for the long loading Options Screen. The reason is due to some API changes in the game engine, the game's code and GUI design have not been updated to adapt with these changes. This problem is being addressed right now, and it will be fixed/improved in the future versions of Battle Splash.

Hi, it is a known issue that the game might take a while to load at first, depending on your computer.

The game will tell you if it crashes, otherwise, it was busy doing some background processes.

Hi. There is no fixed date for the next release yet. It will be released when it's ready.

Thank you very much. I'll try my best.

Thank you very much!

The game is still in Alpha stage, so there are only two maps. More are being developed at the moment.


  • More Characters and Weapons requires designing, testing, balancing, or even Story, etc... Because of that, the current number of characters and weapons now are considered as "enough", new characters or weapons will only be introduce if they are properly tested and/or proved to be enjoyable/compatible with the current game. However, every map is a different mechanic and design, result in different tactics and approaches. This will be the key to win the competitive game modes later.
  • For the official Battle Splash, in order to maintain balance, only character's or weapon's appearance can be modded. This means that they will behave as the original one, they only look different than the official release. If you want a total new look, a total new game to play, you'll have to make your own map and game mode.
  • Minimap was a feature that got introduced in the previous version of Battle Splash, but it got removed since version 1.663 because of two reasons. First, the current HUD already handles team mate display, and the fast-paced nature of the game requires constant attention to the center of the screen, so Minimap will be a great distraction. Second, Battle Splash maps will be designed to be as intuitive as possible, there is almost no dead-end, so you can easily get to anywhere you want just by going directly toward it.
  • Taunting animation will be implemented later in the game, since there are a lot of other jobs to do: voting, banning, private server, etc... In addition, this one will also be related to modding and communication, so there are actually a lot of things to do.

I hope that you can understand my answer. I'll try my best, but I cannot guarantee anything 100%. After all, Battle Splash is a big Ambition, while I'm just a small man. Regardless, thank you very much for your support!


Battle Splash is determined as a Third Person Shooter, so there is currently no plan for official First Person support. Since the game was targeted for all-ages and everyone, First Person Camera will more likely cause motion sickness than Third Person.

Modding support is intended to address this issue. It is expected that you can create your own characters as well as maps, game modes, etc... However, Official Battle Splash Maps/Modes/Character will provide limited Modding support because of various reasons, so you can only have it your way when you create your own map, own character, own mode, etc...

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Thank you for the glitch. This will be addressed in the future releases.

Thank u so much! 

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Hi, if you're talking about the console command, then there is not much I can share, since it's only for development purpose, and not intended for user. You can, however, type in "show_FPS" (case sensitive) to show your current FPS in game.
Some commands will be available when the modding enters Beta Stage.

WOW! Awesome! Thank you very much for the article! I very appreciate your support, it means a lot to me!

Thank u so much about this! Have a nice day!

Battle Splash will include modding tools for u! You can do what ever you want.

Thank u! 

Thank u so much about this! I hope you will have a great time with Battle Splash Alpha Version. Have a nice day! 

Awesome! Thank you very much for the video. :D

Oh, so sorry about that. Thank you for supporting Battle Splash.

Yes, I do, not really in person, but somehow yes.

Yes, I am Vietnamese. However, I'd love to keep the conversations here in English so that everybody here can understand. It doesn't matter how good you are, just enough for people to understand, then I'd be very grateful.

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Hey, no worries. ;)

Battle Splash has already been Greenlit!

It's just that Battle Splash is not integrated with Steam yet, thus there is no Steam version at the moment (but in the near future).

Thank you very much for your support :D

Flatron L1734S is the name of the PC screen/monitor. Can you go to Start -> Run -> Type "dxdiag" and check the PC specs?

Thank you very much and We're really glad that you've enjoyed the pre-alpha version of our game. Currently this build only playable in LAN, but we're working on to integrate the multiplayer with Steamworks. Hope you'll keep supporting us by following our progress. :D

Hello @Jesseinator1000. What's your PC specs?

Well, we will consider that in later development phases. We really love to add more things like what you suggested, but we also have to calculate carefully about the balances in overall experiences since it's a both PvE and PvP game.

Thank you very much! We're really glad that you enjoyed Battle Splash. :D

Thank you so much! We will do our best to bring you and everyone a Battle Splash filled with pure fun and excitement :D

Hello, LiemAkatsuki. Our current pre-alpha build only has one map as we're still making more contents for this game, thus there isn't any full version available yet. However, your donation is very appreciated for the development of Battle Splash project.

Thank you so much! Glad that you enjoyed our game and we hope that you can keep supporting us by following Battle Splash in later development stages. :)

Thank you so much for your words. Speaking of Greenlight, we have been lit back in December 2016. You can check our Greenlight page below:

The basic control of Battle Splash is with the following keys:

WASD - Moving Characters
Shift (hold) - Walk
1234 - Change weapons
5/G - Wield special item
Q/E - Change shoulder camera
V (hold) - Microphone

Also, this game doesn't have first-person camera.