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  • More Characters and Weapons requires designing, testing, balancing, or even Story, etc... Because of that, the current number of characters and weapons now are considered as "enough", new characters or weapons will only be introduce if they are properly tested and/or proved to be enjoyable/compatible with the current game. However, every map is a different mechanic and design, result in different tactics and approaches. This will be the key to win the competitive game modes later.
  • For the official Battle Splash, in order to maintain balance, only character's or weapon's appearance can be modded. This means that they will behave as the original one, they only look different than the official release. If you want a total new look, a total new game to play, you'll have to make your own map and game mode.
  • Minimap was a feature that got introduced in the previous version of Battle Splash, but it got removed since version 1.663 because of two reasons. First, the current HUD already handles team mate display, and the fast-paced nature of the game requires constant attention to the center of the screen, so Minimap will be a great distraction. Second, Battle Splash maps will be designed to be as intuitive as possible, there is almost no dead-end, so you can easily get to anywhere you want just by going directly toward it.
  • Taunting animation will be implemented later in the game, since there are a lot of other jobs to do: voting, banning, private server, etc... In addition, this one will also be related to modding and communication, so there are actually a lot of things to do.

I hope that you can understand my answer. I'll try my best, but I cannot guarantee anything 100%. After all, Battle Splash is a big Ambition, while I'm just a small man. Regardless, thank you very much for your support!

I understand that it is not simple to get that I understood you was alone to develop game is I understand that is not very easy but with the help of the community is of some idea the game can advance The faster I'm French I try to help as much as possible by giving some idea but there is the barrier of the language which blocks me so I am obliged to use the translation but sela will not stop me from giving but idea
If not continue as its is the game to go far there is already great French youtuber who played your game as SQUEEZIE youtuber of 8 341 789 subscribe therefore sela makes you pub for your game.
Sorry not to be able to support you by donations (I am young is I is not money but some I would have a donation)


Thank you very much. I'll try my best.