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What game engine was this made bro?

If you have any inquiries, whether it'll be a question, suggestion, comment, feedback, or if you just want to say something to the developer, you're in for the ride!

I am the developer of this game and to be honest, this game really has something into it. I can't stop playing with it, like, it just pulls me in every time. I gave out a beta test here in our area and two students got so addicted to it that I had to stop them. The game hurts your eyes and brain but at the same time, keeps and pulls you back into the game.

I have not installed this game on my main phone since I don't want to be trapped on it. Be very careful and don't play it too much.



You can post it here! :D 
And wow! Hahaha you made it on the 4th night! I never thought anyone would play my game but thanks so much for your comment :)

I'd be honoured to watch your video soon.

And atm, I'm not making any games. But I'll sure tell you whenever I have that feeling again.. 

thank you so much for playing Death Flash :)

Yeah sure! :) Share it with me afterwards, I wanna see it

Earned $2800 haha it was fun! :D

Thanks! :D

If I decided to sell my game (that I made from this jimjam), would that be okay I guess?

This game is pretty interesting! I played it and I was amazed. 10/10