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This animation is so goooood ! We need some of them in the game ahah ;) Are you going to do the same with others ? Zed / Kol / Nasir... ? :

Sadly we can't have sex with the big masked monster yet ahah x) This game is really good... and hot... I love it ! Please don't stop the advencement of this game !

If I understood what told me Lucifer I'm not a hard worker because I did not pass my exams, I'm kinda sad about this I never expected he could throw me like this after gave me his love, I just feel a kinda betrayed and I want to punch his face ( and cut his di.k ) ahah: '( 

If we have sex with more strangers maybe Asmodeus will be interessed ? x)  About Lucifer it's better to keep a backup where the focus is on him and keep the other backups for the little ... skids x)

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I only get the bad ending... :'( I hope we can get much more sex scenes with strangers in the future, we are an incubus after all :) If you need any help with french translation in the future I would be glad to help you :) Are you planning any animated pictures to the sex scenes ? It could be soooooo good x) Anyway this game is really good and hopeful :)

This game is so hot I love it ! And It's french translated too thanks to you ! Any possibilities to get the game free when it's over ? Introducing some advertising for instance ?

If only Zed could be real... 
Translations planned for the game ? I'm French and I spend a lot of time on google translate during the game ahah

I really love this game ! :)