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I only get the bad ending... :'( I hope we can get much more sex scenes with strangers in the future, we are an incubus after all :) If you need any help with french translation in the future I would be glad to help you :) Are you planning any animated pictures to the sex scenes ? It could be soooooo good x) Anyway this game is really good and hopeful :)

oh no :( bad ending should be pretty hard to get... next version will have lots of sex with strangers (although Lucifer really won't like it.. other profs though? some will care, some won't)  I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far!

If I understood what told me Lucifer I'm not a hard worker because I did not pass my exams, I'm kinda sad about this I never expected he could throw me like this after gave me his love, I just feel a kinda betrayed and I want to punch his face ( and cut his di.k ) ahah: '( 

If we have sex with more strangers maybe Asmodeus will be interessed ? x)  About Lucifer it's better to keep a backup where the focus is on him and keep the other backups for the little ... skids x)