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I'm not super deep into the game, but no, so far I've not noticed any jump scares. There was one little spot in the Office of the Mill that might be considered a touch towards that when the character hears someone approaching the door, but it wasn't in your face like a jump scare. The character spooked, and there was an accompanying dialogue box to go with it that I hadn't been expecting.

Mostly the game has been atmospheric mystery and clue collecting, but when present, there are weird gore elements such as dismembered talking heads, twisted parallel areas, and zombie-esque movements. I feel it definitely plays more on psychological horror elements and the anticipation of what comes next, rather than a red paint budget.

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Hello! I have been really intrigued by this game so far, and have enjoyed the adventure.

However, I have run into a problem. When playing as Jessie on the Dark Street, just after Amy and Bunny disappear, I'm stuck. The "Where is everyone?" dialogue remains, and all I can do is swing the bat, nothing more. Please advise.

EDT: forgot to mention I'm running the Windows version on Windows 7

Hello! I just tried downloading Airships: Conquer the Skies today from and Avast gave me the error prompt
"We've safely aborted the connection on because it was infected with Java:Malcode [Trj]"

As for Avast and AVG being reported as showing the same errors, I'm fairly certain they're owned by the same company.

I see mention that the problem has been reported to Avast. What's tripping the virus-scanners to behave this way towards the file?