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Great game! It's the sequel I didn't know I wanted.

Pretty fun. The fire effects don't show up in Safari on macOS, though, which can lead to you "mysteriously" losing life while standing in an inferno you can't see. Works in Chrome for macOS, though.

It would be nice if I could display a page for game jam entries in the desktop app for easy download, possibly a "Download All" button.

Possibly make it more general and allow for "Subscribe to Creator" as well.

It would be nice if there was some way for developer to denote which browsers can run/is accounted for in a web-based game (Safari/Chrome/Firefox, Mobile/Desktop, etc)

Love it so far. Controlling it with the mouse feels great. It kind of feels like Gunbarich with a bigger play field, which I like.

Love the combo system. I like the tradeoff between keeping the combo going, or grabbing the weapon and aiming (I usually play stupid and just keep the combo going, though). You can kind of use the weapon "melee-style" if you move around while an enemy is running into you, which is cool, but it does make defeating skeletons (and keeping a combo) really easy.

Feel kind of like a "twin-stick" paddle game, which is pretty cool. Would be nice if the camera pans out to keep the paddle and ball in view at all times.

Simple and fun. The difficulty progression seems smooth and fair.

Love the animation. I like the challenge the shockwaves create, dividing my attention between the air and the ground.

Love the art! Can't wait to see it finished.

If it's telling you it can't find the game when it starts up, you just need to move it to a different directory. Otherwise, hope you figure out what's wrong.

Not sure if it's just me, but both links seem to download .exe executables.

Really liked the multiple means of hoisting. Still chasing those "pure hoistings".

Super tough, and I love the constellation idea. Build works for me on MacOS High Sierra.

I really like the danger layer mechanic. Definitely adds something to the addictive, Steamworld Dig-esque gameplay.

Probably my favorite from the jam. Loved the art and the "stupid" solution.

Thanks for the feedback. The amount of time to make the next match should decrease with each match you make, but I definitely think I could have made the difficulty progress faster. Something for the next version, I guess :) 

Thanks! I need to make the movement mechanic more apparent, I think.

Glad you liked it. Most of the text is just the standard PICO-8, except for the title, which I did by hand.

Thanks! I could definitely do better in the audio department (pretty much just stuck to Bfxr). I'll definitely want to focus on gameplay tuning the next time. Thanks for the input!