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I feel that you should be able to equip a third weapon or the starting gun should stay on the ground after you pick up another weapon because there is no point in picking up another weapon to sell it if you lose the knight gun.

Fun thing I found out, if you use left and right click, you can place and destroy blocks.

The game is supossed to end when you leave the starting area, correct? I was playing and when I left the first town it just closed the window.

This looks like a fantastic game! But even though I have downloaded the latest Offline Java whenever I open the .exe it extracts files and then does nothing afterwords. Help?

I suggest changing the color for epic items. It's very easy to confuse with magic items. I only learned that epic items existed 30+ minutes into my 3rd run so it's very easy to confuse. Maybe change it to a green/purple?


(also, you may want to add talking sprites for your overworld characters, just something you may want to do)

Okay, everything is working fine now, thanks.

But seriously, do you think I could help with sprites? I am not very good at coding but I believe I am pretty good at drawing sprites, and if you don't like them, you could always just not include them.

It says that "the developer has not uploaded a Spunky Boss Fight yet"

Do I open DownfableUncompiled From Gamemaker or from the zip file? Since when I opened it from the file it opened gamemaker but then said "file (insert png or timeline here) not found)" and it does that for every single file. Causing me to have to either restart my computer or click through every single window. Then when it finally starts every single file just says "undefined_" So uh, any tips?

I have a file opener for .rar files, but it won't let me open DownfableCompiled. Could you maybe turn it into a .zip file?

Do you think there is a way we could chat/ a way I could show you what I was doing so you could help?

Is there some kind of tutorial you used to make this, or did you make it all yourself? (jeez, I have so many questions aaaaaaH)

Wow! Thanks for all that help! Even though I still may need some other tutorials to help me, I now understand this better. Maybe someday i'll be able to make some of my own enemies!

Also, on a side note, how do you make such fluid animations? is it just a ton of frames going fast or is there another way?

Thanks! I'm new to gamemaker, so i'm not really sure what a "timeline" is and how to make the actions happen in scripts, especially how to make the cursor go to a different place when you press a button to go to a new menu (such as FIGHT, or ACT)

Thanks, but can you give me any code or tips on how to code it? I'm mostly having trouble creating working textboxes and trying to create menus.

It's saved as an sb2 file, and I don't know how to open those. Sorry!

an you please tell me how you created this?

Like what code did you use? I would like to make my own enemies too.

Yes I know, but how? I use that software too.

How did you create this?