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Glad it works!

If you want, I can offer you a Steam key for this product.

I have uploaded a new version.

I'll update the SDL library the game uses and upload a new version soon.

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Try to force run it in windowed mode. To do this, edit user.ini and add the following lines:

resolution = 0
fullscreen = 0

Save and restart.

Other thing to try, open settings.ini and add the following lines at the end:


And finally, try compatibility mode (windows 7) if you haven't already.

It should not matter if you use Steam or not. I suspect something else is interfering with the game, maybe an antivirus. Please check if after crash is there anything in the file debug.txt from the game folder.

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Since there is no private messages system here, can you reach me out at Steam Treasure Fleet game's forum and send me a PM there?


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Sorry for that, I have checked and fixed the problem. I have updated the installer. Please try a reinstall.

Unfortunately, no at this time.

I have uploaded the 32bit build for linux. I hope you won't have problems with libraries. If you receive a "D-BUS" error, launch the game as such:

DBUS_FATAL_WARNINGS=0 TreasureFleet/launch

Ah, ok. I'll look into building a 32-bit Linux version. Thanks for your feedback.

Hi and thanks! If you are referring to Windows version, this is a 32-bit build.

Treasure Fleet is a 4X turn-based, isometric, strategy game, set in the Age of Discovery. If you enjoy turn-based games with the look and feel of Civilization games, please take a look at this project.