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(I hope i posted this in the right area of the forum, if not please advise and move so i know in future, as i dont often use the forum)

lately, in the past month, whenever i start the Itch app/program,  after about 5 minutes it will close itself down, and a popup from bitdefender saying "disinfecting" will come up.

Any idea what is causing this? As I have to keep adding it to the exceptions list every time bitdefender updates. it claims its a zero day attack in the Advanced threat defense (not in the antivirus definitions itself) a virus scan shows it IS clean, so its not the actual antivirus definintions itself blocking it, its the advanced threat defense thats blocking it.

it seems to happen when the itch app installs any updates, (i saw a game update happening seconds before the itch client got deleted by bitdefender). 

it downloads them, starts to install the update and then bitdefender blocks it as an "advanced attack". (it doesnt do this with steam or any other software i have on the computer, it actually took me ages to find how to add it to exceptions as it wasnt detected or quarantined as it wasnt in the antivirus section, its the first one ive ever had to add to the advanced threat defense exceptions)

hopefully if anyone else has this issue, they now know WHERE to add the exception to, i added it to the antivirus but it still blocked it, you have to add it to the advanced threat one NOT the antivirus one, but any idea why its happening? it never used to!

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Defo No Stuck keys as restarted machine etc. Even unplugged and replugged the USB keyboard and retried. All. Games are fine except this one? Which is strange. I have Got a g29 wheel Connected but had no buttons pressed or stuck in anywhere. I'll try unplugging that and see as I didn't think of that

edit: still strangly stuck moving backwords? this is very odd and cant find anyone else with this issue :/

some reason mine isn't working? its constantly moving backwards so i cannot stand in one place so when i try to arrest someone im already at the back wall and if i move mouse i never stop going backwards? any idea why?