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Have you ever thought of Putting the game on steam I bet they would be people who would want to play it on there

just google 7 zip its free and needs no membership no offence but winzip is terrable as it requires you to have a membership i swaped to 7zip and im glad i did to this day

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i didnt even know that was there im sorry for the trouble i didnt know you already had one my bad  also keep up the good work

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I was wondering if you guys would please add a gallery for the scenes i mean no offence but replaying the whole game to see a scene is kinda annoying i just thought id ask if it would be possible to add it in the next update or a future update thx

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It might sound stupid and if you think so thats fine but ive beed wondering if i shoud ask this for months but is there a way you could put in a thing so we can choose what hair cuts the girls have. i like ashley having her long brown hair as i find it really cute if you cant or dont want to its fine too but if u can/want to can u please think about it thank you and love the game by the way it doesnt have to fit with the lore if u dont want it to

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ok thank you 

id like to test the game for you i will download the newest version after posting this 

ok ill try that thx

thank you

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1920x1080 resolution and a nvidia geforce gtx graphics card

don't know if any one else is having this problem but I'm getting nothing but a white screen on the alpha build i thought you might want to know this as I don't know what's causing it

nice touch with the 007 golden eye n64 game sound effects in the side quest [Spoiler] the man with the golden water gun/pistol i put water/pistol as I cant remember the name of the side quest .

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Is there a release date for the redux edition as there's been no new news for a month and was wondering if you could give us a update on a possible date if u have one set or not if there isn't a release date yet could you please at least give us an update thanks and I'm enjoying the game though there isn't much to click on when free roaming and when u click the toilet which is interactable it crashes the windows version I didn't see any one else mention it but i think you needed to know about the bug one last thing how do u equip the other unlockable outfits at the end as i cant seem to click on them thx

it seems to be running without any problems at least for me thank you

sure ill try it again

ok thank you im excited to try to play it

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I having the same problem would there be a update for the windows download as it crashes as soon as i start it. Is there a way to update the windows version so it works please