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Is there a release date for the redux edition as there's been no new news for a month and was wondering if you could give us a update on a possible date if u have one set or not if there isn't a release date yet could you please at least give us an update thanks and I'm enjoying the game though there isn't much to click on when free roaming and when u click the toilet which is interactable it crashes the windows version I didn't see any one else mention it but i think you needed to know about the bug one last thing how do u equip the other unlockable outfits at the end as i cant seem to click on them thx

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Hello, thank you very much for the feedback, I'm actually currently working on the "redux" version and at the same time, I will be fixing some bugs. At the moment, so I might upload a new build this month which will suppport full screen HD.

At the moment, everything is working well, I'm now adding some new content that was not in the original version.


The alpha of the full screen HD version of ALIS is available. We are currently rewriting the entire story and dialogue. We expect a fully "redux" version of the game in the weeks to come.